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Businesses across the globe are adapting computerized accounting to save time in maintaining records for the organization’s income and expenditure. However, expensive accounting software compels small businesses to settle with the old-fashioned manual accounting. Sage [LON: SGE], the accounting software company, empowers small and medium sized enterprises by delivering Sage 50 Accounting software. “Sage believes accountants, bookkeepers and consultants are fundamental to support entrepreneurs' success and business growth, “says Stephen Kelly, CEO, Sage. The solution formerly known as Peachtree offers the best-in-class accounting standards, secure desktop installation, and unlimited access to support, plus affordable subscription plans that ensures the best value for any business. The software also enables enterprises to shift their data to cloud for securing the accounting information.

Sage 50 Accounting is fast, comprehensive and easy-to-use desktop software designed skillfully to meet the needs of small-scale businesses, whether it be creating invoices or managing cash flow and inventory. “When I talk to customers that have all three solutions, totally automated, it’s magic,” states Kelly. The solution includes modules like accounting, billing, customer and vendor management, payroll processing, banking, and inventory management. It enables its customers to save time by automating the typical manual processes like updating the financial transactions, calculating debit and credits and much more. The software also provides insights buried in the data like the customers to target. Additionally, customers can generate and share income statements, journals, ledgers, gross profit reports, audit trails and transaction reports for illuminating business trends to make better financial decisions. While focusing on enterprises expanding rapidly, Sage 50 manages their business by providing quick access to the information and assuring security and reliability.

When I talk to customers that have all three solutions, totally automated, it’s magic

It also has unlimited access to support and automatic updates. Apart from the functionalities of the software, Sage accounting is also compatible with numerous add-ons and third-party business solutions. The compatible services include POS software, distribution software, document managers, time-clock software, expense tracking solutions and more. Other add-on services include credit card processing, payment processing, remote access or even an app to help the sales. With all these features incorporated in the solution, Sage 50 also includes backup and restoration tools.

Every organization needs solutions tailored and priced according to their requirements and necessities. To ensure the same, Sage offers three versions of Sage 50 Pro, Premium and Quantum accounting. The Pro version includes basic accounting tools whereas the Premium version includes customer management, audit trails, inventory tools and much more. Quantum accounting includes all the features meant for an efficient accounting experience. It provides in-depth reporting options and analytics as well as a centralized dashboard, role-based security and automated workflows. To maintain high-level of security, the software allows customers to add not more than 40 users and provide access to each one of them based on their role.

With the delivery of intuitive solution for accounting, Sage aims to incorporate the latest trends like social, mobile and cloud in Sage 50 to enhance accessibility and security while providing error free accounting. The company has a vision to combine Sage 50 with Sage One, a cloud-based accounting solution delivered by Sage. With this integration, clients can offer their customers with Sage One account to streamline processes like invoicing, payments, and payroll. “Certainly for the next five years we see a huge opportunity for Sage right across the world in terms of the movement of money, the golden triangle accounting, payroll and payments. We think that there’s plenty of runway ahead of us to build on that.” concludes Kelly.