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Open Systems: TRAVERSE - The Cruise to Competent Accounting

CIO VendorDr. Michael Bertini, Owner & CEO
Businesses are constantly subjected to a sequence of sea changes. This translates into a demand for better options to manage business data. There is a burning need for organizations to ship the right accounting information at the right time, in the right format, adding adaptability and facilitating timely transactions. “Open Systems’ TRAVERSE product line adapts to these changing requirements,” says Dr. Michael Bertini, CEO, Open Systems. Managing these demands, Open Systems offers complete ERP software with a fully-integrated accounting system that renders an end-to-end bookkeeper experience.

The Shakopee, MN headquartered accounting solutions specialist delivers effective and productive accounting solutions to small and mid-market customers. Addressing the wide entirety of accounting modules from ledger management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll generation and corporate banking, Open Systems ensures pain-free, real-time financial reporting. By incorporating these into a single platform TRAVERSE Open Systems keeps a watchful eye over the affordability factor for its customers. This effects a one-stop dynamic solution that can be easily deployed, empowering the financial standing and favoring better businesses for organizations.

TRAVERSE is a faster and fully integrated solution that uses the latest technologies to transform businesses. The application is constantly updated through patches hosted on Open Systems’ servers. With tools to resolve redundant data issues, it saves a lot of man-power and business time by automating processes to cross-check and removes duplicate records. These records can be imported from most of the foreign spreadsheet applications, where support is also provided to export these data back. The simple and self-intuitive, feature-rich interface makes number-crunching almost an effortless task.

We strongly believe in a culture that puts the customer first

Catering to a diverse customer base from manufacturing to distribution and other not-for-profit organizations, Open Systems has many success stories that speak highly of its changes. One such is Virginia based Homestead Creamery, which began their business of dairy processing plant on a localized small basis. Over a span of time, the unit underwent expansion, owing to encouraging responses from their customers. But their traditional accounting software was soon becoming obsolete, taking as much as ten minutes to make invoice entries. They accidentally picked-up on Open System’s trail and were interested with its promise of a robust accounting system. When Homestead Creamery went live with TRAVERSE’s installation, they witnessed visible immediacy in changes. Adding to the stable accounting platform, TRAVERSE’s extended reporting system allowed a clear insight into the operations of four different departments at the same time.

At Open Systems, the team always works toward customer-oriented deliverables. “We strongly believe in a culture that puts the customer first,” extols Bertini. They exert with all their endeavors to aid customers to succeed, creating an upward curve in transformation and its effectiveness. Bertini takes customer success as a personal interest. TRAVERSE not only answers the current day problems, but also commits to a sustainable product line that stands the test of time.

The recent edition of ‘Point of Sale for TRAVERSE,’ features an interactive touch screen interface with additional scanning facilities. Another attribute to be noted is the independency of the software that doesn’t rely completely on a dedicated connection to the primary server and database to function smoothly.

Having recently stepped into its 40th year, Open Systems is all set to help organizations make better buying and selling decisions, progress their customer service, host cost-reducing processes, thereby paving way for a profitable success.