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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, July 29,2021

Feature of the Week

Analytics solutions equip firms with the tools necessary to generate relevant reports, monitor key performance indicators in real-time, and gain new insights that result in improved decision-making and performance  Read more
According to research, internet and mobile banking adoption among U.S. consumers will climb to 72.8 percent and 58.1 percent, respectively, by 2024, making AI implementation vital for FIs hoping to succeed and compete in the evolving sector.  Read more
AI is a must-have for every financial institution wanting to be a top player in the business, whether it is providing 24/7 financial advice via chatbots powered by natural language processing or customizing insights for wealth management produ  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Tony Finley, Chief Financial Officer, Long Realty Company  
Technology-driven automation is driving changing economics and customer relationships in multiple industries  Read more
By Joe McLaughlin, Chief Financial Officer, Austin Industries  
A similar verification process should be implemented for any changes to banking information for vendors  Read more

Featured Vendors

By John Silvani, President & CEO  
Gravity Software provides a real-time, 360-degree view into financials and operations with just one database to manage. With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, information becomes truly transparent. In that regard, Gravity has emerged as a...  Read more
By Igor Danilov, CEO and Founder  
Back in 2012, when SENLA was founded, its goal was to become a full-cycle developer whose commitment to technological excellence would not sideline humanity, honesty and harmony. Staying true to this objective for years, the company today operates...  Read more
By Casey Seow, Managing Director  
AWEpay focuses on providing absolute accountability to its clients. The company provides the best fintech solutions tailored to the needs of the industry to drive productivity and innovation. AWEpay leverages the innovation of automation to the...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Peter Quell, Head of Portfolio Analytics for Market and Credit Risk, DZ BANK  
Machine learning has permeated almost all areas in which inferences are drawn from data....  Read more
By Briant Gerlach, Director Data Scientist, Banco Sabadell  
The most complicated thing for machine learning models is to extract meaningful information from data...  Read more