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July 18, 2019

Feature of the Week
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are actively under development to secure the financial segment of the digital era.
Bid management is all about sourcing and sending out documentation from various departments to a plethora of vendors in a timely fashion.
Finance industries are rapidly proceeding towards a new world of digital stability by utilizing the technology in every spectrum of the finance organization.
Featured Vendors
MO Tecnologias is a fintech firm that delivers credit scoring assistance to clients by exploiting the benefits of cutting edge technologies such as AI and machine learning.
Provides cloud-based Maestro Suite to enable faster, more accurate budgeting, forecasting, analytics, and reporting for businesses of all sizes.
Provides next generation automation technology for end-to-end accounting processes.
CFO Viewpoint
Jackie Combine, CFO, Technology & Operations, Thomson Reuters
There is no better time to be a CFO. We have an abundance of opportunities to partner to advance the short and long-term goals of our organizations.
Hilton Sturisky, CIO, Spirit Airlines
We are making major improvements to our website and mobile platforms while building a digital platform to help improve operational integrity.
CXO Insights
By Jeff Zimmerman, COO, Clearent
It’s not just about accepting payments; it’s also about tracking inventory, scheduling appointments, and logging staff hours.
By Matthew C Mosher, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, A M Best Company
Innovation and Insurtech are two words that leaders in the insurance industry can’t help but see almost every day.