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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 19,2020

Feature of the Week

AI and ML are effective tools for data crunching, and thus one should expect to see the growth of exploit tools based on these; both systems can be defeated or influenced to give anomalous results.  Read more
Automation makes firms more competitive by taking an innovative approach to accounting through cloud-based computing and automation, allowing firms to focus more on customers and less on the back office.  Read more
Corporate Performance Management is used to formulate organizational strategies through prescribed methodologies, data analysis, and reporting to monitor and manage an enterprise's performance  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Suk Shah, CFO, Guaranteed Rate  
Our role as CFOs is to not stifle ideas, but rather, identify and present the quantitative and qualitative trade-offs of any important decision or investment  Read more
By Jacob Sorensen, CIO, Bank of the West  
Massive and rapid shifts in technology are affecting everything we do in our daily lives, from the way we move around within a city to how we buy groceries and communicate with each other.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Vinnie Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder  
Fully Accountable is a modern, outsourced accounting firm that specializes in using digital technology, cloud-based services, and real-time reporting to offer Trusted Advisor Services to eCommerce and digitally-based businesses. The full-service...  Read more
By Raul Vega, Founder & CEO  
Auxis is a strategic consultancy and outsourcing company that seeks to help companies modernize and scale their back-office operations. The Company provides outsourcing and management of information technology, growth strategy, supply chain...  Read more
By Jayesh Kasim, Managing DirectorApril Pannell, CEO  
Valenta technology consulting offers end-to-end services, from strategy to execution, to help clients drive change and deliver business results through the power of digital technology. The team of accountants is well trained to assist enterprises...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Paul Knodel, CEO and Managing Director, Raisin US Inc.  
Banks need to look for ways to retain deposits as long as the funding is needed. Ways that are...  Read more
By Sonya McDonald, Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union  
One of the latest promotional emails to land into the inboxes around our offices recently has a...  Read more