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November 15, 2018

CFO Tech Outlook Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
The primary responsibility of financial service providers is protecting its clients against any fraudulent activity.
An invoice must be designed professionally so that there is no confusion and Annoyance. It further motivates the client to pay the bills on time.
Data Access Point™ also acts as an interface between multiple lines of business, loan origination systems, and external data sources.
Featured Vendors
The leading financial services company that provides online expense management service for customers worldwide.
Track record for creative corporate mobility management solutions that help clients leverage the latest devices, plans, and technologies at the lowest cost.
The company provides cost advisory services, specializing in the core competencies of the telecom expense management service: consulting and in-billing audits.
CFO Viewpoint
Joseph Santamaria, VP–IT & CIO, PSEG Services Corporation
Our focus in 2014 will continue to be advancing our business goals in Electric/Gas Delivery and Power Generation.
Patricia A Watson, EVP and CIO, TSYS [NYSE: TSS]
Imagine breaking ground on a building without a blueprint. Worse yet, imagine an entire city that emerged without an urban planner.
CXO Insights
By Paul Yarwood, CEO, Hubble brand at
​Lag measures are like the score on a football scoreboard they only tell you how well you have already done.
By Dennis DuBois, Senior Director of Finance, Radisson Hotel Group
Managing travel expenditures via electronic systems or through professional travel managers will only be as good as the policies and procedures that have been established by the company.