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CIO VendorFrank Labedz, CEO
Though accounting remains the interpretation of numbers, wave accounting for small enterprises is doing away with the tedious manual entry by importing bank data automatically from the financial institutions. Today, finance sector must grapple with technology from two perspectives the need to add more value to the business function and the need to link finance outcomes to other parts of industry to enhance value. One way to fulfill this necessity is Accounting software. “The biggest benefit of using accounting software is its integration. We have a complete financial, operations and workforce management solution in one seamless system,” says Frank Labedz, CEO, Team Software.

However, the software challenge still lies in identifying, filtering and analyzing metrics to focus on emerging trends. That said; accounting software vendors are responding to these necessities by specific customizations, additional modules, solutions on the cloud and integrations with other applications as well as impressive new service levels.

One such software provider is TEAM Software that offers software solutions and associated services to streamline operations and administrative processes, saving time and supporting executives with powerful data to make smart business decisions. From bidding, scheduling to automated timekeeping, payroll and job costing, TEAM has a solution to every labor and financial management issue.

TEAM Software's fully-integrated financial, operations and workforce management solution, WinTeam, features comprehensive accounting, HR, and time keeping-in a single package. To reduce the customers’ time-to-payment significantly, integrated data in WinTeam’s Accounts Receivable (AR) module leverages shared data and smart tools to streamline and automate the processes. WinTeam’s AR module, tools enable the firms to process invoices faster with ready-to-go data from WinTeam’s operations component, including completed work ticket and timekeeping information from schedules. On top of that, one can also deliver invoices to clients instantly via email or online through TEAM’s customer self-service portal.

The biggest benefit of using accounting software is its integration. We have a complete financial, operations and workforce management solution in one seamless system

The firm’s uniqueness can be highlighted in effectively managing cash flow, which involves tracking revenue as well as expenses. To compliment this practice, the General Ledger (GL) in WinTeam is the warehouse of all the financial transactions across organization’s business. Moreover, it can help to keep focus on the funds moving in and out of the company. With the wealth of data in a well-maintained GL, it also generates powerful financial statements tailored to the organization’s needs.

In one instance, Enviro-Clean Services, Inc., a building service contracting firm out of Holland, MI, implemented TEAM’s eHub, an online employee self-service portal, in order to keep up with demands of future growth without increasing staff or costs significantly. As a result of implementing the technology, the company not only overcame cost and labor burdens, it also saved thousands of dollars per year in the process. TEAM Software’s eHub Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution provided the unique technology to help ease the staffing and cost burden at Enviro- Clean. While eHub has plenty of employee self-service features, this single element instantly resulted in delivering free staff time and saved thousands in remunerations and material costs.

Since inception, TEAM has a culture attuned to innovate in every product and services that they deliver. “We believe that profitability starts with powerful technology infrastructure reinforced by innovative software and world-class support,” beams Labedz. Leveraging one integrated system drives efficiency across the organization, from back office functions to field-based operations to C-level decision-making. In the near future, the company will focus on developing employee engagement through knowledge, skills, and responsibility. The company has always been focused on the profitability term that serves the mutual interests of clients, employees and owners. TEAM’s prosperity provides the fuel for sustained service, growth and quality of life that they seek through their work together.