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CIO VendorJohn Florio, CEO
It is necessary to take proactive steps to manage cash effectively and efficiently run a business. A smart budgeting and forecasting system that analyzes past performances and anticipates future sales is vital for a successful business. But deriving insights from business related information to make better, smarter, real time decisions and the ability to continuously forecast business changes is a huge challenge for organizations. The Conshohocken, PA based business, 9DOTS, aids organizations in building a robust budgeting and forecasting system by using its deep rooted knowledge in building enterprise-wide solutions for various industries. The firm emphasizes on continuously developing strategic modules to support the trending project-based and project-focused business organizations. “We wanted to offer our clients with clear business strategies a custom solution for budgeting and forecasting as well as for data analytics and reporting,” says John Florio, CEO, 9DOTS.

9DOTS’ key solution, onePlan, provides organizations the essential tools needed to consolidate the budgeting process and create detailed financial budgets in all areas including expense, compensation, revenue and capital. The software leverages past performance to predict and forecast strategies to improve business outcomes. onePlan’s multi-tiered parameters and standardized calculations reduces the need for manual data entry.

The software helps produce a simple and accurate financial outlook for companies with Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheets. onePlan securely distributes budgets in real time at a location or departmental level while controlling the consolidated budget at the corporate level. Deploying the software enables instant insight into operations and performance and enhances decision making processes, thereby streamlining time-consuming budgeting, planning, forecasting and financial reporting. It reduces the need for risky approximations and enables rapid action to capitalize opportunities for future growth.

With speed and optimized memory management, proCube combines large amounts of data quickly and accurately creating time to spend on other profitable decisions and projects

The company’s pilot product, proCube, enables enterprises to proactively manage their business under constantly changing conditions and competition. The solution simplifies and automates performance management processes including budgeting and forecasting as well as reporting and analysis, which saves time and resources of any organization. proCube helps in obtaining instant access to information with real-time data roll-up from any source using a set of consistent applications and interface. This greatly helps in creating operational reporting. With speed and optimized memory management, proCube combines large amounts of data quickly and accurately creating time to spend on other profitable decisions and projects. “proCube is our most powerful tool in the budgeting and forecasting arena which enhances business productivity by offering a product with high user adoption,” adds Florio.

Additionally, 9DOTS offers superior consulting services in enabling companies improve efficiency through strategic planning, project guidance, rapid, smooth and non-disruptive implementations and solution optimization. The company is now offering flexible “in the cloud” access services for their enterprise Business Intelligence solutions.

Looking from a software standpoint, 9DOTS observes that companies are switching to mobile platforms. In order to comply with the new trend, the firm’s product development team is working to enable the clients to be able to deliver their solutions and services through mobile devices. As another important offering in the future, the company is planning to develop integration in budgeting and forecasting through dashboards. In order to make data analytics and budgeting and forecasting software solutions more user-friendly to the clients, 9DOTS is planning to deliver them through visual representations, charts and easy to understand graphs.