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OneStream Software: Comprehensive Solutions for Budgeting and Forecasting

CIO VendorCraig Colby, Chief Revenue Officer
Gone are the days of Microsoft Excel based financial planning and analysis. Today, companies are investing in advanced budgeting applications to address the varying demands of the business environment. However, modern budgeting solutions draw third party IT vendors into picture and bring along difficulties related to data integration and metadata alignment. The dissimilarity in planning processes on account of geographic location or nature of business unit compels companies to develop multiple applications. OneStream Software, headquartered in Rochester, MI, provides a unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform and exempts the organization from building multiple applications.

Usually, financial solution providers deploy separate products or modules for different processes resulting in complex integration and consolidation processes. Ingenuity in engineering budgeting solutions places OneStream apart from its peers. The company’s unified platform for budgeting and forecasting, OneStream XF, enables customers to meet corporate standards and adapt with metadata variations. To integrate and validate the data gathered from various sources, measures are in place to ensure smooth transfer of information. The company’s focus on unifying all budgeting related practices helps clients with cash flow forecasting, financial reports, and other allied details. Furthermore, OneStream XF’s on-premise or cloud deployment options empower clients to scale up resources with incremental operational demands, as well as scale down if there is a shrink in processing demand.

Though OneStream’s budgeting and forecasting solutions aptly address the needs of customers, the company strives to continuously improve its solutions and has just released a series of specialty solutions available at no charge including People Planning, Capex Planning, Cash Planning and Thing Planning. They are investing capital and efforts in creating sustainable and agile solutions that are in sync with the varying business needs.

Our customers are able to reduce the complexity, risk and cost allocated to financial planning and analysis systems

OneStream’s focus on developing flexible and nimble solutions that effectively cater to clients, has crafted many success stories.“Our customers are able to produce operationally relevant budgets and forecasts, while corporate maintains strict standards and controls all in the same solution,” states Craig Colby, Chief Revenue Officer, OneStream.

One of their customers, a glass and building products manufacturer, had a complex and confounded budgeting process which perplexed the end users with procedural errors. After implementing OneStream XF, the client shortened the budgeting process and on account of guided workflow, the end users were able to rectify mistakes in real time. “The usage of automation makes forecasting faster and the first forecast gets initiated from the completed budget itself,” explains Colby. In short, OneStream XF has addressed the consolidation, reporting, and forecasting needs of the customer with multiple in-built solutions that work as a single unit. “Our customers are able to reduce the complexity, risk and cost allocated to financial planning and analysis systems,” he adds.

As in the case of the glass and building products manufacturer, OneStream focuses its efforts on enabling clients for 100 percent project success. Its budgeting and forecasting solutions built on agile and scalable platform gives the company an edge over its competitors.

OneStream’s leadership believes in moving ahead and adapting to new trends. Currently, the company has clients in nine countries and is looking to expand in other geographies as well. “We see ourselves as the leading CPM solutions provider for complex organizations looking to simplify their budgeting and forecasting processes,” states Colby. The company intends to continue growing profitably and be a part of many customer success stories in the long run.