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MRI Software: Bringing a Modern User Experience to Budgeting and Forecasting

CIO VendorBrian Zrimsek, Chief Products Officer
Budgeting and Forecasting platforms are an integral part of the strategic planning process for any business. While there are a number of challenges facing companies today, several themes related to Budgeting and Forecasting frequently recur around access, integration, and standards. More than ever, users want anytime access to software via browser based solutions and management requires transparency of information. “Our intuitive, web-based Budgeting and Forecasting solution provides easy access to data while facilitating collaboration and maintaining the highest level of data security,” says Brian Zrimsek, Chief Products Officer, MRI Software. Headquartered in Solon, OH and with over 40 years of experience in the industry, MRI Software is a leading provider of real estate enterprise software applications for the property and investment management industries.

Designed for property owners, managers, and investors, the MRI Budgeting & Forecasting solution facilitates collaboration on budgets within a single environment, and provides deep insight generated by its lease-level detail. “Our solution can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, on any browser and mobile device. This kind of freedom brings a modern user experience to the budgeting process.” asserts Zrimsek.

The MRI Budgeting & Forecasting product features an intuitive web interface that greatly reduces the learning curve, workbook functionality that enhances collaboration, and highly configurable reporting to meet unique business requirements. Another key piece of functionality is the ability to quickly, accurately reload and reforecast. This helps to better identify opportunities to modify business strategies as needed during the fiscal year.

With clients in over 40 countries, there are numerous examples of MRI users experiencing benefits from the Budgeting & Forecasting solution. One of MRI’s larger commercial clients was able to reduce time spent on budgeting by nearly 25 percent. The biggest driver was the ability to easily leverage historical and actual data that already resided in their MRI Property Management system.

Our intuitive, web-based Budgeting and Forecasting solution provides easy access to data while facilitating collaboration and maintaining the highest level of data security

Additionally, the client acknowledged that the newly created budgets were more accurate than the budgets from their previous system.

Expanding beyond budgeting and forecasting, MRI Software further empowers larger organizations by offering robust investment management capabilities. MRI Investment Management makes it easy to perform comprehensive financial modeling and scenario analysis that extends far in to the future. The MRI Asset Management and Fund Management solutions provide the managers with all the tools they require to build their initial strategy and nimbly react to organizational and market changes. With these solutions and technologies, “We are focusing on the full ecosystem. Providing powerful, modern, intuitive tools that empower an entire organization and not just one group. That is how we are able to increase collaboration, transparency, and facilitate more informed decision making for all stakeholders in an organization,” states Zrimsek.

In today’s world of rapidly changing technologies and powerful complimentary solutions, MRI Software recognizes the critical value of third party integrations. The open architecture of our core products combined with our rapidly expanding Partner Connect Network allows us to provide our clients with true choice and flexibility. “We believe in the freedom of choice and the power of flexibility, especially in today’s markets that are constantly evolving. We want our clients to have the ability to deploy an application portfolio that best meets their needs,” said Zrimsek.

Looking ahead to the future, MRI Software is focused on innovation and growth in North America as well as international markets. “We will continue to focus on the user experience, taking advantage of new technologies, and continuing our commitment to providing clients with choice and flexibility. As we enter our 45th year in providing solutions for real estate, MRI Software is a vibrant, innovative and growing organization and we hope your readers take a moment to learn more about us,” encourages Brian Zrimsek.