What is the Future of Accountancy with AI Contribution?

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What is the Future of Accountancy with AI Contribution?

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, April 01, 2019

Automation is transforming the accounting sector in a significant way. Thanks to the progress in Artificial Intelligence that has helped in processing large amounts of data, learn from it and comprehend increasingly complex conclusions; accountants will witness a significant change in this field. The hype that AI received is worth as this technology is one of the advanced concepts that have transformed the decision-making process in recent years.

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Eliminating Human Error

The human brain is always bogged down by inconsistencies and biases, with things like confirmation bias can be costly for enterprises and decision-making of all kinds. The introduction of AI and ML will assist humans in decision-making, rather than replacing them entirely. ML will help in eliminating redundancy and time-consuming work, which subsequently frees up the time for accountants to focus on more lucrative work.

Machine learning

The most significant contribution of ML technology is its ability to process large datasets, its adaptability in learning complex and continually changing patterns. AI never gets tired, combined with its complete lack of bias, and a smaller margin of error makes the technology infinitely scalable in many industries. ML offers profound data-driven insights to the accounting professionals and also a combination of financial and non-financial analysis.

Problem Solver

The opportunity put forward by the current digital transformation of finance and accounting will enable people and AI to work together and rely on each other for productive results. The mundane work in accounting is taken care of by the AI, and all that’s left is for accounting professionals to tackle the tasks wherein only the human brains are valued and demanded.

ML has proven that it can go through massive amounts of datasets and can do the monotonous tasks better and more efficiently than humans; they can spot the patterns and provide with profound insights on how to utilize the information effectively and productively. However, not every task can be done by AI. Although the potentials of this technology are endless, it can only execute tasks with a degree of repeatability, which means humans aren’t going anywhere this soon and would be required to tackle the tasks with their cognitive engines. 

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