How are AI and ML Impacting Finance Sector?

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How are AI and ML Impacting Finance Sector?

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 27, 2021


The Finance industry follows technological advancement with keen interest. AI(Artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning(ML) are one of the few technologies that are bringing in a paradigm shift in the industry that is seamlessly changing the way one lives, interacts, or shops with each other. The finance industry has a huge datasets, along with the capital and staffing resources so that it makes most out of the AI technology.


1. Customer Services

The customer service domain is one of the most obvious places where AI assistance was required and may eventually replace human personnel. Chatbots and AI interfaces interact with customers and answer their queries thereby offering massive potential to the employees to focus on other work. According to a report, the finance sector can leverage AI technology to cut 22 percent of operating costs.

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2. Reliable Credit Scores

Initially, some customers couldn’t apply for a loan or credit and were ignored by financial entities. And this helped a lot of fintech startups to provide the services to these people. They bridged the gap amid the customers who want loans, but do not have a credit history for the banks to review. These potential borrowers sign and allows the app to gather information from varied sources and build a picture that enables banks to assess if they are creditworthy or not.

3. Regulatory compliance

Advancement in AI and ML technology in the financial territory means that investment firms are turning on machines and are eliminating human analysts. AI can be used to calculate and analyze cash flows and predict future scenarios but does not explain the logic or reason to conclude.

4. Security and Fraudulent activities

The banking sector is among the most targeted industry by malicious actors. Many innovative AI and ML solutions are created in his era. As the number of data increases, ML helps in identifying weaknesses and solutions which becomes essential for the innovation of new security solutions.

The critical elements of a good ML system are time and human expertise and skills to develop the right algorithm, and vast resources of data that becomes fuel for the engine. In the banking sector, every single transaction creates a massive amount of data that can be appropriately utilized. Therefore if one is looking for great ML and AI in the future, it is essential to keep a check on banking and fintechs.

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