SMEs Unlock Business Value Using AI

SMEs Unlock Business Value Using AI

By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

AI has become a buzzword these days. AI is here to play a vital role in the success of most businesses. AI can be a magic formula for offering many operational benefits to SME when it runs on the right data set. It is quite exciting that the case of AI in start-ups is much stronger than large corporates. Here are some areas where AI can explicitly help start-ups in galvanizing their operation.

SMEs can unlock huge benefits in production process using AI. The sophisticated algorithm to monitor the machine health will allow the business to analyze time, which the machine is likely to go down. This helps the enterprise to reduce the downtime in the production schedule.

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In relatively new business, the significant drain on revenue comes with the cost associated with procuring raw materials and delivering finished products. SMEs can easily redeem by powering faster by using AI and third-party data location.

Large enterprises can afford to outsource customer service operation, but SMEs do not have these advantages. But, customers are shown to be more loyal in today’s environment. Implementing AI can bridge the gap between the constrained budgets and customer expectation. With this intelligent assistant, SMEs can find common queries and complaints and provides superior customer service.

SMEs often have vastly needed for talent. AI can help to identify the right candidate with a short time. It rapidly screens resume to spot the best candidate, who fits for the business. Later, with the correct data and training, AI can direct the candidates with relevant tests and grade them according to their performance. It is much easier to screen good candidates without human intervention.

AI today has gone past the experimentation phase, and now it has become the real game-changer in the business operation. AI can bring a wide range of benefits to start-ups includes faster operation and improved efficiency. Hence, SME leaders are now looking for strong competitive advantages concerning peers do well to introduce it into a key business process to grow the business and to drive the outcomes.

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