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METAVERO: Process First, Software Second

CIO VendorJohn Booth, Managing Director
METAVERO is an up-and-coming company in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) services space, offering a combination of financial and technical expertise to maximize end-to-end process improvements. Their services include implementation, migration, managed services, as well as application and infrastructure support. Although they are new, their leadership has more than 25 years of direct Fortune 500 experience.

METAVERO focuses on implementation services, consulting with companies on planning and budgeting or financial consolidation processes and software. They also specialize in transitioning from a legacy platform and/or moving to the cloud. “Our team has experience with currency conversion, cash flow, revenue/expense, capital and workforce planning at the global level,” states John Booth, Managing Director, METAVERO.

The company prioritizes on process. “Many consulting firms and client companies let the tool dictate the business process, which is backwards,” says Booth. “We are seeing a trend toward the continual forecast and this means there is a need for process change as well as selecting tools that support this goal. The client first, then the software.”

To this end, METAVERO works with OneStream XF and Oracle EPM solutions that are then tailored to each client’s specific needs. “We’re here to partner with our clients and implement the software that best fits their process now and for the future,” he adds.

Booth cites a couple of success stories to illustrate METAVERO’s flexibility. The first is a communications company that provides services in 29 states which was crippled by their legacy software. “METAVERO was asked to focus on improving process,” says Booth. To achieve this, METAVERO upgraded the client to the latest release of Oracle Essbase using the Hybrid aggregation technology, which reduced the overnight process that used to take 10 hours down to 90 minutes.

Our team has experience with currency conversion, cash flow, revenue/ expense, capital and workforce planning at the global level

“The system upgrade gave us new capabilities which enabled us to address the performance pain point fairly simply,” comments Booth.

Another company, a leader in vacation exchange, had two different systems that they wanted to continue to work autonomously. Subsequently, METAVERO designed a flexible template-driven process relying on the Open Interface Adaptor supported by Oracle FDMEE, allowing two separate Hyperion Essbase production environments to be data sources for both the line of business consolidation system and the corporate consolidation system.

Booth is intrigued that OneStream is testing machine learning capabilities. “That’s one place we see the vendors leaping into and something that’s going to be very powerful in the near future.” With machine learning, once the type of data critical to business models is identified, that data can be used to train the models to predict the future. “Machine learning will facilitate scenario planning capabilities at unprecedented accuracy,” he remarks. METAVERO can’t wait to get in on the machine learning act; Booth sees machine learning along with cloud services and big data solutions as stepping stones to a greater product.

Being a programmer at heart, Booth is also the co-author of two books focusing on Essbase and Exalytics Infrastructure. “The intent of the series is to allow the readers, whether beginner or expert, to gain more knowledge about Essbase, its feature sets and its abilities,” he says.

And while he enjoys doing yoga or Pilates, right now he says his business is also his main hobby. “There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into it, but the effort we put into keeping METAVERO running smoothly is worth it,” he concludes.