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ForecastEra: Shaping Enterprise Forecasting through Intuitive Data

Sales forecasting and planning is a necessary component of any business, but it can be a time-consuming, begrudging process. Strategies to accurately plan for future investment in the business and ongoing growth require an in-depth knowledge of the revenue and sales metrics of the past—an understanding not easily or quickly gleaned from old school strategies. Advancements in technology have laid the foundation for more focused, more meaningful forecasting and planning in the business arena, with enhanced features that create a holistic view of the efficiency of the enterprise and its sales teams.

ForecastEra, a comprehensive technology-based business planning firm, lends a necessary hand in helping businesses large and small achieve forecasting that has a positive impact on operations. CEO Rahul Shah, explains the driving mission of the company, stating, “ForecastEra offers integrated SaaS-based predictive analytics based on real-time sales and revenue data.” In order for teams within an organization to accurately plan for growth, businesses require an encompassing platform that moves away from siloed software and disconnected systems. ForecastEra allows budget teams and sales departments to do more with less, working diligently to automate and simplify the experience for management and end users alike.

The company offers a comprehensive platform of interconnected products to help enterprise clients achieve forecasting optimization online, including Forecast Navigator and Rez Plan. With the help of Forecast Navigator, businesses have the opportunity to understand and project out financials with a degree of confidence not found with other forecasting tools. By integrating with an organization’s CRM, real-time updates can be viewed within the pipeline which translates to real-time forecasts. Shah states, “We have developed advanced information rules based on deep learning and AI to understand critical aspects of revenue projections. Automated judgments guide decisions up or down based on intelligent data and actionable insights.” Through Rez Plan, businesses have the ability to reduce unnecessary spend and increase profitability by forecasting resources. The platform offers demand signals without the need for additional user input which direct supply chains and operations to proactively plan for the use of available resources.

We are set apart because our team has an open culture of innovation that is always questioning the status quo

ForecastEra has experienced notable success with several enterprise clients, including a mid-sized IT services firm faced with the costly challenge of inaccurate business forecasts. The client was consistently missing revenue targets, and the sales and finance teams were not converging on the data. ForecastEra was able to implement Navigator seamlessly, improving the client’s forecasting accuracy to 90 percent. Also, the client was given a fully integrated platform where all parties could see the data that made up the forecasts. In implementing these tools, the IT services firm could predict gaps in sales targets in advance with precision, helping them better short- and long-term outcomes while executing on growth strategies.

Currently, ForecastEra is continuing its development of integrated forecasting and planning solutions with the help of machine learning. Shah states, “We are set apart because our team has an open culture of innovation that is always questioning the status quo. That has given us the unique ability to lead planning, automation, and integration of departments into a single planning tool.” With a recent office opening in Australia and others planned in the Middle East and Dubai in the upcoming year, ForecastEra is poised to expand its global footprint to help serve enterprise clients in their critical forecast and planning initiatives.