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Yooz: Real-Time Purchase-to-Payment Automation Solution

François Lacas CMO & Deputy COO, YoozFrançois Lacas CMO & Deputy COO
At the onset of Covid-19, most businesses didn’t know how to manage their operations remotely. As it continued spreading, many tried to adapt to the situation. Organizations struggled with making due payments as all their invoices remained in office. Realization of the need for an accessible solution to keep their Accounts Payable (AP) process moving brought them to Yooz—a company specializing in automating the entire P2P (purchase-to-pay) process in real-time from an easy-to-use, Cloud based platform.

With over 35 years of experience in AP process automation and unique combination of powerful AI-based technologies, Yooz operates as the right partner for businesses to completely automate their P2P processes. Additionally, Yooz is integrated with over 250 ERP platforms and financial solutions, making real-time invoice capturing and processing convenient and easy for businesses.

“Automating an utterly manual process within a week is extremely powerful, and Yooz has been able to make that possible for its clients,” says Cody Manning, NORAM Chief Sales Officer at Yooz.

With top-notch security, automated duplicate detection, YoozFakeDetection, and an extensive document history and audit trail, the Cloud-based Yooz solution provides comprehensive fraud prevention and detection for its users.

The biggest differentiator for Yooz is the access to real-time data as it enables businesses to make strategic financial decisions when the organization needs it. With Yooz, organizations no longer need to invest time and effort in manually gathering data. The powerful multi-channel capture engine allows the import of almost any file type to begin a smooth AP process.

Yooz adapts to its clients’ AP workflow needs, not the other way around. Unlimited users, routes, and approval steps allow for flexible and customizable workflows. Coupled with Cloud-based document archiving and a powerful and efficient search engine, Yooz reduces the average invoice approval process from days to hours and eliminates filing cabinets worth of paper invoices. Yooz offers all of these powerful features in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that displays the entire AP process in one single view.

The company also focuses on maintaining customer satisfaction throughout each phase of implementation, onboarding, and use. The entire team at Yooz works as a family and a tight-knit unit that is driven towards one customer-centric goal. “Everybody in our team is equally involved and has a vested interest in the customer success,” mentions Cody. Additionally, the team at Yooz is passionately committed to innovation, consistently investing 25 percent of annual revenues back into R&D efforts and staying at the forefront of the market technologically.

  • Automating an utterly manual process within a week is extremely powerful, and we have been able to make that possible for our clients

A testament to that is the introduction of the in-platform digital payment solution, YoozPay, to allow complete automation from purchase to payment, all in one easy-to use solution. YoozPay not only allows invoices to get paid on time, or even early but also helps organizations earn cash back to turn a traditional cost center into a profit center for the business.

Owing to its ability to extend a real-time, accessible, all-in-one solution to manage the entire P2P process, Yooz continued to grow even during the pandemic. It helped businesses streamline and automate processes that have been manual for years, allowing invoice and payment processing to continue unaffected by potential remote working and able to ensure timely payments to vendors. With its powerful automation capabilities, Yooz is rightly positioned in this industry, helping businesses understand the importance of automation for their AP processes.

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François Lacas CMO & Deputy COO

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