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VoApps, Inc.: The Frontrunner in the Collection Space

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Paul Gies, President, VoApps, Inc.Paul Gies, President
When it comes to collection and accounts receivable arena, it is important for companies to invest in technologies, which can find out the specific communication channel that the consumers prefer to use. This quest led to the conceptualization of Georgia-based VoApps. The founders of VoApps witnessed a critical predicament existing on both sides of the accounts receivable equation. For collection companies, it was difficult to reach out to their debtors on their cellphone and the end consumer felt harassed with unsolicited calls during the collection process. With the aim to create a solution that would seamlessly mitigate both of these issues, VoApps was formed in 2008. “Through our proprietary and patented technology, companies can leave a voicemail without the intrusion of a call. This also allows the consumers to listen to it at their convenience and empowers them to have better interactions with a company,” says Paul Gies, the president of VoApps, Inc.

Fantastic idea, isn’t it? So, how did the founders of VoApps, Inc. actually come up with this idea? Gies mentions, “Our founder was tired of being disturbed at the dinner table with phone calls for political campaigns. This frustration led to finding a better method to get a message out to people without interfering with their personal time, and that’s how we got started.” As the company evolved, it transitioned into the collection space and started working with clients that have an existing relationship with the customers or need to communicate with them.

Through our proprietary and patented technology, companies can leave a voicemail without the intrusion of a call

VoApps’ mission and value proposition have been greatly substantiated by their patented technology. Through this technology, the company provides a cost-effective, compliant solution for collection centers. As an important element in a company’s communication tool-belt, VoApps leverages its flagship cloud-based solution DirectDrop Voicemail to help its clients interact with the consumers. “After the clients’ information is uploaded into our system, we perform a granular analysis to determine whether it’s a cell phone or landline, and then deliver the message,” mentions Gies. Next, the solution returns the result files that provide a time and date stamp of when the contact was made, which allows the client to track the contact within their system. In order to make the solution easy-to-use and ensure that it integrates with the existing systems in an organization, VoApps also offers APIs that enable the clients to link their CRM systems to the platform.

What distinguishes VoApps’ solution is ease of use and the ability to enable clients to track their ROI. They can create a separate toll-free number and track the callbacks they get on each campaign to measure the impact to the bottom line. A key selling point is that DirectDrop Voicemail platform drives inbound traffic from people who are looking to repaying the debt. “This leads to agents interacting with clients who want to repay the debts rather than wasting time on fruitless outbound calls, ultimately increasing productivity,” says Gies. Because DirectDrop Voicemail uses a landline-to-landline connection to leave a voice message on the server rack, no call to the mobile phone is ever made with an open voice channel.

VoApps prides itself on being a customer-centric company and aims to listen to its customers to drive the future. “The one thing that we excel at is leaving voicemails. This will be our core focus as we expand our offering to other areas aligning with the clients’ needs,” concludes Gies.

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VoApps, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

Paul Gies, President

VoApps is an Atlanta-based technology company that provides innovative voicemail solutions to help businesses reach mobile contacts with consideration and compliance. The company has patented solutions that optimize collections and call center efficiency. "Innovative voicemail solutions provider to help businesses reach mobile contacts with consideration and compliance"