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Unified Commerce Solutions: Reinventing Accounts Receivable Cycles

CIO VendorJohn K. Perez, CEO, Dan Hatcher, President & Co-Founder and Madeline W. Long, VP of Enterprise Solutions
The payments industry is constantly evolving with the frequent onset of new regulations, compliance mandates, cost structures and policies. Although electronic transactions are replacing paper checks in B2B payments, adoption has been slow on the part of sellers, but when presented as an option to buyers, reception has been transformative. Concurrently, Payment Portals with limited functionalities and subpar user-interfaces have led to bad user experiences, creating hurdles to customer adoption and payment migration. Unified Commerce Solutions is transforming the payments landscape by providing effective and efficient tools that allow organizations to dramatically improve A/R processes with shorter order-to-cash cycles and digital replacements for manual processes and workflows. “We not only improve the back office operations of our clients, but also simplify the entire order-to-cash process, paving the path for savings and efficiencies for our clients and their customers,” says John Perez, CEO, Unified Commerce Solutions.

The company offers a suite of best-in-class open API technology which solves specific payment acceptance challenges. Used together, the suite offers a comprehensive solution to modernize A/R cycles for enterprise-level, mid-market, and small to mid-size businesses. Built to accelerate cash flow and streamline A/R cycles, the company’s industry-leading ACH and credit card processing technologies replace inefficient, traditional paper invoices, checks and manual processes for an improved back office and customer experience.

Less than two years in operation, Unified has emerged at the forefront of dynamic changes impacting the way businesses are paid. Unified’s advanced technology includes solutions that can systematically apply surcharges on B2B credit card payments, allowing businesses to pass transaction fees on to customers who choose the convenience of credit card payments over more cost-efficient ACH transactions.

We not only improve the back-office operations of our clients, but also simplify the entire order-to-cash process, building in savings and efficiencies for our clients and their customers

Especially important at a time when decisions issued by both federal and state courts allow B2B credit card surcharging in an increasing number of states, Unified’s smart solutions update in real-time to automate compliance in the evolving legal landscape of credit card surcharging.

More than just a leading solutions provider, the company is also a proven thought-leader educating current and prospective customers on A/R trends and developments with white papers, case studies and webinar series.

Unified’s consultative approach sets the company apart from typical payment processors. These efforts begin with a consultation to fully understand the challenges facing a business, followed by a thorough assessment of a company’s existing payments ecosystem. The result is a full go-to-market plan with implementation to ensure adoption and attribution from the customer base, leading to increased margins and operational efficiencies by capitalizing on new data-rich, least-cost routing technologies.

“With a team grounded in B2B payments and related technologies, we are committed to providing our customers with concierge-level support and service. What every business needs today is a subject matter expert on payments who can help them navigate and stay ahead of the ever-changing payments landscape,” says Madeline W. Long, VP of Enterprise Solutions, Unified Commerce Solutions.”

“We continue to expand and strengthen our comprehensive solution suite to include new data sets that will help business operators identify and address opportunities faster. Our goal is to provide what our clients need to drive greater performance and efficiency across their A/R environment,” concludes Dan Hatcher, President and Co-founder, Unified Commerce Solutions.