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ResNexus: An Automated Revenue and Reservations Management System

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James Mayfield, CEO, ResNexusJames Mayfield, CEO
It is a known fact that in businesses, revenue is the major decider of a company’s progress and its survival. Having said this, all the industries today are concentrating extensively in revenue management with a vision to maximize their profits, and the hospitality industry is not an exception. Facing a nexus of challenges like customer segmentation, yield management, demand forecasting, and dynamic pricing, the hotel revenue management is turning out be cumbersome for revenue managers. Moreover, a revenue manager is overburdened with a long list of responsibilities like inventory management, marketing, and distribution channel management. As a result, the efficiency of the manager deteriorates, which leads to minimal revenue. In order to mitigate this impediment, ResNexus, a leading reservation and property management software provider is offering automated revenue management and reservation solutions that intend to elevate its clients’ businesses. “There is nothing more rewarding than helping others succeed. When we elevate others, we elevate ourselves as well, this is the spirit of our company, and this is our mission,” says James Mayfield, CEO of ResNexus. The software solution company caters its offerings to bed and breakfast (BnB), inns, hotels, and lodges worldwide.

Usually, a hospitality company’s major source of profit depends on the efficient determination of right hotel room pricing at the right time—in other words, yield management. With a prudent yield management software solution, ResNexus is helping companies earn maximum profit by automating the pricing of rooms through forecasting the demand using the hotel’s past data. Alongside, ResNexus facilitates real-time integration with marketing channels such as Expedia,, and Airbnb which results in the billboard effect.

As a result, hospitality companies increase revenue and the number of reservations.

The James Mayfield-led company also specializes in providing reservation solutions to hoteliers. ResNexus reservation grid is a powerful tool that can captivate and manage reservations. Its built-in reservation calendar displays the overall reservation picture and blocks out rooms or books a complex reservation in seconds. Moreover, the software facilitates group reservations and allows guests to pay as a whole or individually. One of the unique capabilities of the software is that it efficiently eliminates double booking and preserves company reputation. ResNexus allows revenue managers to export revenue and payment information from its software to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for revenue managers to manually type the information, which saves time and reduces errors. With built-in support for Google Analytics, the software allows the revenue managers to know information such as the website a guest used to find the hotel, the guest’s duration of stay and expenditure, and mode of payment. This educates the revenue managers regarding the marketing sources and payment methods that are working for them. Exhibiting these benefits, the company has kindled several success stories and testimonials to review.

Redwood Meadows RV Resort located in Hiouchi, California has expressed its happiness after integrating its business with the ResNexus system, to save the resort manager’s time and increase the company’s revenue. The resort’s manager appreciated the software saying, “It is detailed, accurate, user-friendly, and enables them to use it from any location. There are a few things that indicate the system was originally designed for BnBs, but we certainly appreciate the attention given to bring RV parks online and addressing their specific needs.” This testimonial encapsulates ResNexus system’s flexibility perfectly.

Today, ResNexus is investing a large amount of money to make its website and software easily accessible for everyone which includes people with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments—adhering to ADA compliance. With such prudent investments, the company is enhancing its user experience and revolutionizing revenue management.