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Obero: Managing Recurring Revenue Sales Compensation

Christopher Li, Chief Product Officer, OberoChristopher Li, Chief Product Officer
“According to Gartner, a Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform needs to accommodate the complexity of an ERP, yet still provide the agility of a CRM; and therein lies the ultimate challenge,” cites Christopher Li, Chief Product Officer, Obero. Although the primary end-user of an SPM application comes from the sales organization, for the solution to be successful, it must be broad enough to support cross-functional business processes as well. Obero has designed an SPM framework to streamline sales planning, sales execution and sales optimization processes. The application, Obero SPM, integrates Sales and Revenue Management, Territory and Quota Management, Workforce Management, Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) and Profitability Management capabilities in a single unified application.

"As the other vendors under the umbrella of SPM focus their attention primarily on ICM, they lack the end to end capabilities to fully support the sales organization," informs Li. Obero’s SPM framework is designed to help recurring revenue businesses design and execute their growth strategies. Measuring the revenue impact of a proposed sales plan is a core capability of Obero's Sales and Revenue Management module.

Obero’s SPM framework is designed to help recurring revenue businesses design and execute their growth strategies

The ability to truly optimize the territory coverage model and assign intelligent quotas is provided in the Territory and Quota Management module. Obero's Workforce Management module allows companies to model changes to their sales roster and predict the productivity and capacity of the sales team. Obero’s f lagship module, Incentive Compensation Management, is used to design and administer compensation programs of any level of complexity. To close the loop, Obero’s Profitability Management module allows companies to effectively manage the overall profitability of the sales organization. The firm deploys their framework within the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform to provide the maximum level of security and reliability to their customers.

Obero has experienced extremely rapid growth in market share in a short period of time, but they understand constant innovation is the key to success. Given that, Obero has their eyes set on providing their customers with a more predictive and intelligent platform. “Our culture and how we operate on a day-to-day basis is based on acknowledging that we don't know what tomorrow holds and trying to adapt to that type of change,” concludes Li.