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Nyctale: Pioneers in Advanced Blockchain Analytics Tools

Blaise Cavali, Co-founder and CEO, NyctaleBlaise Cavali, Co-founder and CEO
Today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DeFi, and Dogecoin are dominating global markets. With this, token-economy—the once ‘outlier’ element of the traditional economic structure—is fast becoming a key topic of discussion for many financial projects. And as the coming age of token-economy is showing promises of generating value on top of the investment and speculative behaviours, it is becoming increasingly clear that entrepreneurs and investors will need to monitor token usage more while analysing and evaluating exchanges on decentralised networks. Only then can they better understand the project’s intrinsic scope and steer clear of any financial risk. That being said, the blockchain networks that cryptocurrencies run on were never conceived to ease the extraction and interpretation process of transaction data. It is, however, crucial to measure the impact of a specific product’s features on its token value.

Enter Nyctale—an innovative startup in the fields of data science and blockchain technologies. Nyctale arms every stakeholder of the token economy with advanced analytics tools that can help draw qualitative business insights and have better readability of blockchain transactions. “We propose business intelligence solutions about main distributed ledgers to monitor usage, to better perceive the value captured, and to optimise the design of incentive systems,” avers Blaise Cavalli, co-founder and CEO of Nyctale.

To this extent, Nyctale has developed a behavioural modelling engine around blockchain networks and crypto-assets. Besides, the company leverages artificial intelligence techniques to deliver advanced analytics tools.

Its machine learning algorithms efficiently process the blockchain data to generate sophisticated and highly valuable indicators that can be used as decision-aiding tools by major financial institutions and investors.

We propose business intelligence solutions about main distributed ledgers to monitor usage, to better perceive the value captured, and to optimise the design of incentive systems

Nyctale’s clients can, therefore, rank different crypto assets by on-chain metrics such as characterising the long-term investor community, speculation, adoption rate, and more. This paves the way for a clear understanding of given asset performance. Moreover, clients can also generate data on incoming and outgoing investors’ behaviours and develop buying and selling indicators around major exchange platforms. Not only this, the buying and selling signals can be formalised through the analysis of these specific behaviours that represent the investment activity of an overall decentralised community.

What’s more? Nyctale’s solution supports blockchain application providers by analysing and monitoring the performance of their decentralised applications (dApps). It enables them to benchmark their own development regarding other key projects in their applicative segment. The advanced tools allow them to optimise their business and operational activities regarding the influence of different tasks on their customer base.

Due to such robust capabilities, Nyctale was awarded a Jury’s Grand Prize in 2019 for the ICT category at a major French competition for innovative tech startups organised by the French Public Investment Bank and the French Ministry of Research and Innovation. Now, with these prestigious feathers in its crown, Nyctale is poised to continue innovating and keeping up with the ever-changing blockchain landscape. In this vein, the company is all set to release a new version of the advanced analytics suite with more asset coverage, new and improved indicators, and new analytic approaches to extend the use case scenarios of these solutions. With such improvements, Nyctale is all set to become the springboard of success for professional investors and private and public financial institutions in the coming months.

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Paris, France

Blaise Cavali, Co-founder and CEO

Nyctale addresses the poor readability of blockchain transactions by developing advanced analytics tools to analyse usages, measure value, and control money flow on blockchain networks. The company delivers investment decision-aiding tools, due diligence solutions, quantitative financial analytics tools, and qualitative business insights to entrepreneurs and private and public financial institutions. These advanced modelling tools monitor investment and usage behaviours to serve the evolving needs of the blockchain industry. It aims at a market leader for analytics on crypto-assets, delivering valuable data and high-quality insights to this emerging industry