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Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services: Bolstering the Financial Aspects of Business

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Russell Slappey, CEO & Managing Partner, Nperspective CFO & Strategic ServicesRussell Slappey, CEO & Managing Partner
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”–Lao Tzu

There is no better example of the proliferating startup culture around the world than this insightful quote. With ideas taking shape and rough sketches forming foundations, innovative minds are breaking the shackles of conventional business ideologies to bring innovative solutions to their customers. However, startups often struggle to maintain steady business growth. In their path of progress, complexities, uncertainties, and risks jeopardize the financial future of these germinating organizations. Industry expert Russell Slappey says, “These second-stage growing businesses lack smooth cash f low forecasting and often need help with proper utilization of their capital and financial resources.” He stresses the need for Chief Financial Officer (CFO) expertise to help them mitigate such inconsistencies. This is precisely where Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services is in a league of its own. The company plays a pivotal role in guiding developing businesses to build a sustainable financial strategy.

Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services offers a full range of financial management services to support the needs of second-stage enterprises. Be it improving cash f low, reducing the chances of costly pitfalls, raising capital from investors or facilitating mergers and acquisitions, the company excels by deliver state-of-the-art services since its inception in 2005. Understanding that growing companies often have limited financial resources and cannot consider hiring a full-time in-house CFO, the company modulates its offerings to suit the clients’ requirements. “We provide fractional, project-based, or interim CFO services to assist clients with their cash f low forecasting, strategic planning, assessing the skills of their accounting departments, revamping their organization charts, and formulating their strategies,” remarks Slappey, CEOand Managing Partner, Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services.

Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services is committed to delivering measurable results for its clients by tracing financial loopholes. Slappey mentions that the company is one of the few organizations to possess high-level CFO-credentialed partners, who, unlike its competitors, are not mere “controllers” but have worked as executive-level financial advisors in well-respected companies. Bolstered by the ingrained experience of such partners, Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services utilizes their expertise to find the perfect fit for its services. “We tend to hire CFOs who are very hands-on; they are not just supervisors but also work as a team to augment the sales and marketing efforts of the company.

We provide fractional, project-based, or interim CFO services to assist clients with their cash flow forecasting, strategic planning, assessing the skills of their accounting departments, revamping their organization charts, and formulating their strategies

That’s how we keep them firmly engaged throughout the year and build an effective team,”informs Slappey.

With an experienced team of CFOs who have previously driven businesses to achieve their financial goals, Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services helps customers navigate turbulent times. A typical client engagement begins with a detailed assessment of the existing cash flow structure to identify blind spots. Based on a CFO’s perspective, the Florida-based firm, along with its client, formulates a plan of action to eliminate issues such as margin erosion, ineffective inventory management and other financial challenges that may be encountered. In essence, in addition to assisting clients with business and strategic planning, the company offers additional proficiencies such as turnaround and crisis management, merger and acquisition support and government and defense contracting support.

To illustrate how Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services benefit clients, Slappey cites a case story of a Florida-based client who needed to hire an efficient accounting staff to handle their day-to-day accounting needs about seven years ago. Due to a difficult hiring processes and ongoing disagreements, things didn’t turn out well, and the two teams parted ways. Six months later, the client company hired a candidate suggested by Slappey and realized the substantial benefits added to their value proposition. This led the client to hire Slappey as its CFO, charged with handling the company’s real-estate portfolio, subsidiary companies and new ventures in concert with the company’s management, CPA, and other service providers.

Orchestrating similar success stories, Slappey highlights the importance Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services bestows on building good relationships with its customers. Slappey mentions the wave of old clients knocking on the company’s doors to fight the COVID-imposed challenges. As a member of the Finance and Accounting Consultants Alliance (FINACA), with its deep-rooted skillset and strong connections with reputable banks, Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services is currently guiding clients in the pandemic-stricken world with their loan approvals, helping to pitch in their financial circumstances, and preventing them from declaring bankruptcy during such a crucial period in time. Today, with innovation at its core, Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services is creating ripples in Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida, and is aiming to rapidly expand its geographical presence. “We are planning to lay the seeds of our formidable services in Atlanta during the upcoming year. Apart from branching out of the state, we also look forward to dipping our toes in the fractional controller and recruiting services,” concludes Slappey.

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Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services

Nperspective CFO & Strategic Services

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Russell Slappey, CEO & Managing Partner

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