Why Finance Companies are Adopting RegTech Solutions

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Why Finance Companies are Adopting RegTech Solutions

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 11, 2021

RegTech solutions are helping the finance companies to fulfill the increasing compliance obligations. 

FREMONT, CA: Highly regulated sectors have experienced increasing regulatory enforcement obligations, like the financial services industry. Technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), can be used to innovate how these companies work can lead to additional regulatory enforcement issues. The regulatory component can have a dramatic effect on innovation in these sectors.

RegTech solutions are being built to help organizations fulfill the ever-growing compliance obligations that can be used to provide transparent, quicker, and more useful reporting methods and ensure compliance. Here are some of the potential benefits to highly regulated industries, especially the financial services industry, of RegTech solutions.

What Is RegTech?

RegTech is a broad term for modern and emerging technologies that enable companies, like banks and credit unions, to fulfill their regulatory compliance obligations more conveniently. Some of RegTech's application advantages could include the capabilities to accept complex regulatory burdens effectively and process enormous volumes of dense data and the ability to minimize the likelihood of human errors that could result in severe administrative fines.

Due to the emergence of complex national and international legislation, which also involves monitoring, assessing, and reporting large quantities of knowledge, RegTech has expanded.

RegTech Applications

Although RegTech has many opportunities to help with enforcement, here are some of RegTech's most promising applications:

Compliance- RegTech, which can be utilized to review all applicable regulations and report to the consumer on the possible effect of those regulations, including the jurisdiction's data privacy laws.

Risk Management- To define and analyze these risks, RegTech solutions perform scenario analysis and risk monitoring on internal business activities using big data analytics.

Regulatory Reporting- RegTech is used to help generate and distribute reports and information requested by regulators. Solutions from RegTech will assist in exchanging data between controlled organizations and regulators and allowing for quicker processing of the large quantities of data needed to prepare these reports.

Transaction Monitoring- RegTech quickly and with a high degree of precision, tracks financial transactions for fraudulent activity by leveraging distributed ledger advantages through Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The form of RegTech also helps with many of the FINTRAC enforcement obligations required.

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