WhaleFinfrom Amber Group Reinvents Digital Wealth Management in the...

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WhaleFinfrom Amber Group Reinvents Digital Wealth Management in the Metaverse

CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, January 10, 2022

With the launch of WhaleFin, Amber Group is reimagining digital wealth management in the metaverse.

FREMONT, CA: Users will quickly locate the assets they require, freeing up time for other critical business duties. Additionally, because the DAM platform facilitates asset discovery, it avoids the time and expense associated with rebuilding (refactoring) assets that are not discovered. Amber Group, a global leader in digital assets, has come up with WhaleFin, its flagship digital asset platform. WhaleFin is an all-in-one platform that bridges the institutional and retail sectors, serving as the ideal entryway to crypto for individuals regardless of their experience. WhaleFin is ideally positioned to empower mainstream investors to generate wealth in the digital era and further democratize access to the world of cryptocurrency finance.

"The concept of wealth has changed radically over the last few years and there is an urgent need for investors to rethink the way they build wealth in a future that is increasingly digital and decentralized," states Michael Wu, CEO, and Co-founder of Amber Group. "WhaleFin represents the gateway into the new world of finance, one that will be underpinned by the growth of the metaverse and the rising prominence of digital assets. At Amber Group, we are incredibly excited to help shape this decentralized future as we onboard investors at all levels into the world of crypto finance."

The introduction of WhaleFin is a significant milestone for Amber Group, as it continues to fulfill its purpose of enabling individuals and companies to realize the value of crypto finance at a time when digital assets are gaining popular acceptance and usage across global financial ecosystems. The WhaleFin was created with universality in mind, combining the institutional-grade functionality of the Amber Pro, which launched in 2019, with the easy user interface and features of the Amber App, which launches in 2020.

Apart from equipping customers with the best tools for making informed financial decisions, WhaleFin also enables users to invest in a sustainable future. WhaleFin intends to pool money from across the sector to fund public education campaigns about the climate problem and mobilize communities to act for the world.

"The launch of WhaleFin is a landmark moment for us. At Amber Group, we want to continue developing the digital assets ecosystem by empowering everyone with institutional-grade tools and new touchpoints for people to easily access their digital assets. As the ecosystem matures and becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is important that we help facilitate a connected and inclusive global market and uphold the democratic spirit of DeFi. Not only does this critically drive innovation for the advancement of our global economy, it is also the spirit of opportunity and the seed to create a better world for everyone," Wu adds.

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