Ways to Establish Strong Business Proposal for AI

Ways to Establish Strong Business Proposal for AI

By CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ways to Establish Strong Business Proposal for AIArtificial intelligence (AI)  can also offer many opportunities that range from innovations to improved decision making. For the business leaders, who are looking to obtain these benefits and leverage the power of AI, can make a stable and robust business case. The estimations state that 45 percent of IT leaders express their urgency to implement AI within their organizations, but only 29 percent of senior executives are showing the same sense of urgency. By introducing AI, business leaders can improve operational efficiency, competitiveness, and revenue growth. 

Here are some recommendations to strengthen the business case and to advance AI in an enterprise.

•  Provide success stories

Demonstrating early success stories from the experimental projects within an enterprise can make a strong business case for AI. For instance, the first project in OhioHealth has created high efficiency in revenue cycle management. Thus, the first project demonstrated that an enterprise could have an immediate return on investment.

•  AI - a tool for decision making

 In the hands of business analysts, AI puts more power, which means the technology enables them to discover, connect, and refine data sources to meet their needs. Thus, the enterprise can easily encounter the circumstances and unlock it using AI.

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•  AI - essential for digital transformation

It is significant to move into digital operation and deliver digital service to compete in today’s economy. AI acts as a necessary tool for making it possible.

•  AI – opens an invitation for innovation


AI will offer an opportunity to the business leaders to encourage the engagement from all functions of the organization.

AI acts as the most compelling solution for a specific business problem. While presenting the business case, always remember to discuss the issue that AI is addressing and how the project will be implemented and who will benefit the most. 

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