Wave and Unlock With PalmID-X

Wave and Unlock With PalmID-X

By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hua Yang, Co-Founder & CEO and Lenny Kontsevich, Co-Founder & Chairman

Redrock Biometrics has come up with a comprehensive identification solution, PalmID-X, which puts up a foundation for flawless services and payments exclusive of tokens.

FREMONT, CA: Redrock Biometrics, one of the top providers of palm-based biometrics for authentication and identification, officially launched their breakthrough identification solution, PalmID-X at the Finovate Spring 2019. PalmID-X develops the applicability of biometric identification to large groups of people by building a foundation for seamless services and transactions devoid of any physical tokens.

By making use of a standard RGB camera or infrared camera, PalmID-X captures palm prints and subdermal veins to generate a highly exceptional palm signature. The proprietary PalmID algorithms match the palm signatures for an extensive range of palm positions, orientations, and illumination conditions. PalmID-X’s SaaS component can perform matching of a lately captured palm signature with tens of thousands of signatures stored in its database in just a second.

“We have streamlined the security authentication processes of FinTechs by offering them a biometrics solution which is compatible with different platforms,” said Hua Yang, Co-Founder, and CEO of Redrock.

The matching algorithms of PalmID-X surpass the palm matching as they can merge with face biometrics, location, and text metadata to streamline the search. Biometric data is safely stored in the cloud in a jumbled and unspecified form and can perform exclusively, without decrypting the data. It leaves no stone unturned to keep the user records and palm images safe and sound from the hackers.


“Although palm-based authentication is not yet popular in the market, it has tremendous potential to improve authentication systems across industries,” stated Yang. “Being the only company to have developed a palm-based authentication system, we are in the driver’s seat to revolutionize the biometric industry in the upcoming days.” Redrock Biometrics is the creator of PalmID technology, which matches palm images captured in the perceptible and infrared spectrum and was featured as one of the Top 10 Financial Security Solution Providers of 2018 by CFO Tech Outlook.

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