Watch Out for the Five Banking Technology that's Trending

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Watch Out for the Five Banking Technology that's Trending

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, August 16, 2019

The banking industry goes on advancing with the latest technologies and as a result, banks have to implement new tools regularly in order to stay competitive.

FREMONT, CA: With the advancements of technology in the banking industry, consumers have also started looking for banks that favor their finances and offers digitized services all over the world. Bank authorities need to provide the customers with advanced facilities to continue as well as increase the level of profit. To do so, they need to learn about technologies that can help in making progress in the financial institution.


Banks, along with other financial institutions, implement blockchain technology in their strategies to minimize their costs extensively. It leads to good returns on the capital invested in the technology and also helps in simplifying everyday processes. Banks use the tech for payments, remittances, and traceability purposes as well as to enhance data sharing methods.

CRM Solutions:

Authorities need to increase their cash flows by investing in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions as they can turn out to be fruitful investments over multiple years. Untimely assistance can lead to financial trouble of the client, ultimately creating a negative impression on the bank. Banks can earn superior returns with CRM solutions by portraying attractive services to the consumers and offering quality client service every moment of the day.

Mobile Banking:

In the age of smartphones, customers look forward to accessing their bank accounts and other details through mobile apps. Banks need to invest in mobile apps and services that can allow the customer to check account balances and avail money deposits or transfers from every place. Mobile banking can enhance customer service of financial firms and permits employees to perform other tasks.

Artificial Intelligence:

To invest in AI(Artificial intelligence) is worth giving a shot in the banking industry as it comes with a wide range of technologies that include data science, IoT, and natural language programming. The technologies develop operations carried out in the financial institutions, particularly in banks that use AI to boost their onboarding processes. Banks require quality employees, well-trained to continue rolling in new customers, and help in improving customer processes as well.


Customers expect banks to protect their information and capital from cyber attacks, so maintaining quality cybersecurity process is not an option but a necessity. Customers in banks deal with various frauds and cybercrime activities regularly, which make preventive procedures like multi-layered security, analytics insights, and adaptive security methods very significant. 

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