The Significance of Performing Daily Accounting Tasks

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The Significance of Performing Daily Accounting Tasks

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Owners of small businesses are often known to focus less on accounting tasks and more on a plethora of other items on their to-do lists. However, paying enough attention to these tasks can help business owners identify and fix various issues including cash shortages and inventory discrepancies in a timely manner, thus improving their overall revenues. If owners let receipts, bills, sales orders, and financial statements pile up for months, it can adversely affect the financial health of businesses. Organizations with efficient accounting software that performs basic accounting tasks automatically on a daily basis will be able to keep the financials up to date and continually gain insights to enhance their business.

Organizations can keep a comprehensive record of all the money moving in and out of their business. For businesses that accept cash, it is crucial to reconcile it against receipts, which will assist in recognizing cash shortages or overages, if any, on a regular basis. It can also help organizations identify errors and thefts as well as take immediate measures to curb them. A daily review of pending transactions for any anomalies can be of further assistance in investigating potential issues more quickly.

To maintain a healthy cash flow along with keeping all the business account records up to data, checks and cash payments need to deposited daily. For electronic payments, organizations can use the mobile payment method within the daily, weekly, and monthly limits of the associated bank. Several accounting software applications also allow users to report expenses and upload receipts by simply taking a snap and jotting a note that provides its details. Furthermore, recording inventory into the system on the same day gives business a more accurate picture of their stock while billing clients in a timely manner enables them to pay on time. A research shows that when an organization sends invoices to customers on the day the job is completed instead of waiting for a week, the chances of getting paid on time increase significantly.

Businesses must also constantly look out for discounts that vendors offer on early payment and take advantage of them in addition to setting payment reminders to avoid late fees. Finally, for organizations that don’t use cloud-based accounting software, it is imperative to back up all the financial data regularly.

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