Technology trends the marketing industry seeks for financial growth

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Technology trends the marketing industry seeks for financial growth

CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 17, 2019

Advancement of technologies and digitization have transformed the way of doing marketing. They are making the marketing industry more accessible to businesses and sales teams. Marketing sector today is going through new technologies, regulations, demographics, and economics. These are infusing new trends inside the industry to keep the pace with the ongoing technological development.

Marketing trends help organizations against its peers and analyze the relative position of the organization in the industry. The trends make companies to understand the business better and come up with useful marketing strategies. The trends are done by the process of customer segmentation that depends on products, sales channels, and geographic regions.

Following are some of the marketing trends that supports organizations financially:

Blockchain technology: A blockchain is a collection of data together that is a secure and permanent ledger of interactions between parties. It maintains indelible, immutable, and shared records of all transactions in organizations. The technology protects data, stores and processes at the node level by verifying data cryptographically. The need of blockchain today is increasing as hackers become more sophisticated.

Data based marketing: Financial organizations deal with massive of historical data, which should be used in predictive marketing to target specific groups. To personalize experience for consumers, the sector combines historical data with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This generates content and predict consumers' demands of searching. SEO services companies help marketing companies to refine their ad campaigns targeting the right people to see the ads at the right time.

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Visual search: Visual search engines learn about the queries customers ask while submitting images. The technology visual search is good at answering queries, which are difficult to verbalize. Marketers can be benefitted by embedding visual search in their apps to increase customer and media experience.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): According to the Zion market study, the virtual reality market is expected to reach $26.8B in next for years. Companies are integrating AR and VR into their marketing plan. Marketers increase brand awareness and create better customer experience using AR and VR.

Voice search: The use of smart speakers is on the rise and marketing industry is tending to use the voice search technology in the businesses. Some advanced companies began to perform tests with voice searching techniques. They are focused on generating content to capture voice searches.

If the marketing industry want to stay on top of trends and implement new technologies and tactics to improve business-productivity and revenue.

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