Technology Enhancing the Customer Experience

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Technology Enhancing the Customer Experience

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Technology is remodeling the way businesses operate to intensify the development of the customer journey.

FREMONT, CA: According to a report, 77 percent of financial institutions increase internal efforts to innovate, with many businesses embracing the disruptive nature of fintech. Technology is changing the way companies operate and deliver products to consumers in many sectors. An industry that has seen considerable innovations in recent years is the use of technology within the financial world. The new buzzword fintech is becoming commonplace in the industry and with an ever-evolving consumer and corporate focus. The need to keep up with advancements is seeing more choice and improved user experience across the board. There are vital areas that are incorporating technology into financial activities to help develop the customer journey.

• Customer Service

The most significant way that fintech is disrupting the finance and banking sector is through customer service. Earlier, an excellent customer service team was vital for any company involved in finance. Anything that consists of the handling of financial matters requires trained staff to help sort out problems and provide assistance to people. Chatbots have become the new norm for customers to communicate with.

• Online banking

Online banking has modernized the way traditional banking was done. People had to go to town to their bank for fund deposit or transfer. Online banking is getting sophisticated each day as users can transfer money or pay for goods with just the push of a button.

• Fraud Detection

The identification and investigation of fraud used to be an equivalent effort from man and machine. The system helps to track potential fraudulent transactions. It will still be up to the staff who are trained to find fraud to look through all the information and determine if there was fraudulent activity on the account or not. AI is advancing beyond the capacity of the people designing it, and they’re now starting to be able to detect fraud and identify it.

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The different ways technology is altering the way the finance industry works is impressive. Technology is a never-ending process until it is efficient enough than creators. An essential factor is to maintain a balance between technology and manual intervention as their integrated efforts will revolutionize the industry for customers and businesses.

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