Technologies that are More than Just Buzzwords!

Technologies that are More than Just Buzzwords!

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

Several companies have started to realize the importance of accounts payable in business operations. The day is not far where organizations entirely go digital in the accounts payable department marking the start of the most significant transformation in years to come.

FREMONT, CA: Developments in technology continue to transform the business landscape, including the prospects of accounts payable. The entire functionality of accounts payable has long been focused around dawdling and manual processes, but with the changes around, it is rapidly shifting.

There are a few top trends in accounts payable department whose adaptation is most likely to be seen in enormous scale.

Big Data:

More than just another buzzword, big data is the key to modifying the organizations having access to tons of unused data and information. The accounts payable department holds the ability to house loads of meaningful financial data and suggesting ways to leverage it in current as well as future trends of the marketplace. It also helps in strengthening the entire organization.


Accounts payable has always had paper processes at heart, which are time-consuming and burdensome. By automating the processes in accounts payable can fetch faster invoice approvals, enhanced productivity, and fewer expenses. Automated invoices can save a considerable amount of expenditure, depending on the size of the company and set aside an average of one hour per day of the manual processes. Therefore it turns out to be a necessity for the companies to compete in the ongoing business climate.


In organizations, the accounts payable department cloud technology has seen a much warmer welcome than the rest. Cloud technology is considered as one of the most cost-effective since it as it generally operates on a subscription-based service model, which helps in raising the revenue growth. It facilitates the department managers with real-time insights into the finances and functions of the company along with remote accessibility so that invoices stay updated and debt-free.


Prevention from fraud has been a deep concern for companies, and one of the significant ways to avoid hoax is getting rid of paper checks. By utilizing various preventative measures and upgraded security policies along with wire transfers and automated clearing house (ACH), businesses can experience lesser fraud. A closed payment network validates every member and their banking data, ending up preventing online fraud.

In every accounts payable process, end-to-end automation is the key to leveraging data, protecting fraud, and enhancing visibility into the entire organization.

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