Robotic Assistance Device ROSA to Enhance Security

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Robotic Assistance Device ROSA to Enhance Security

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Security is a key issue for any business for its services, both offline and online. RAD offers such AI-enabled security solutions to organizations in the U.S. that safeguard operations for business strategies.

FREMONT, CA: RAD (Robotic Assistance Devices) is a trendsetter in the delivery of AI-based solutions that allow organizations to achieve new insight, resolve complex challenges, and stimulate new business ideas. Throughout its next-generation robotic product offerings, RAD can aid organizations in streamlining operations, increasing ROI, and strengthening business strategies. RAD robotics technology has introduced ROSA, a new device, to improve the economics and simplicity of patrolling and guard services and allow experienced personnel to focus on strategic tasks.

According to Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.,  ROSA (Responsive Observation Security Agent) is a new security device solution offering from its wholly-owned subsidiary RAD. RAD has introduced ROSA as an addition to its obtainable lineup of workflow automation devices which currently consist of ‘FRED' (Facial Recognition Entry Device), Wally, and 'SCOT' (Security Control and Observation Tower).

ROSA performs a diversity of basic and advanced tasks and can be employed for security guard augmentation, placement, and replacement. Parking lots and building perimeters are the primary areas for ROSA installations. ROSA is unique because it fills a strong existing need and opens up a brand new market. ROSA creates a considerable market in a variety of industries that are cost-sensitive yet high need.

ROSA is an entirely self-contained security and communications appliance that features RAD's AI recognition and response technology and remote surveillance connectivity.  ROSA has been designed and priced to be a high volume autonomous security appliance featuring RAD's full responding capabilities and including access to the company's cloud services.

RAD continues to add new products to its existing portfolio, further expanding its offering to its clients, with the goal of increasing productivity and reliability and decreasing cost. RAD is presently working on a new addition to its product suite, which has been anticipated and requested by existing clients. 

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