Preventive Steps to Fight Insurance Fraud

Preventive Steps to Fight Insurance Fraud

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

With the growing market, insurance companies are in a race to be sustainable and stay ahead at all time. This is possible only when the companies can be free of any security threat and are able to carry out seamless businesses. These aspirations can be fulfilled by the proper implementation of security infrastructure and fraud-fighting culture can also be of immense help.

The senior management should devise the fraud-fighting mechanism, align KPIs, and keep a tab on a regular basis. The senior managers should train the employees to recognize potential fraud. With proper fraud detecting skills and engagement from the employee’s side, frauds can be prevented without the necessity of the curing process after any attack. Robust cross-departmental communications through training can be of immense help in the process of spreading learnings across any organization.

Insurance companies use the bulk of data and run predictive analysis over these to grow portfolios in a suitable manner. This data can be used by companies in fraud management during the claim processes and also in risk assessment at underwriting. Companies should resort to AI and ML techniques for delivering actionable insights on the risks that come along with a new customer request. Compliance should also be a priority for insurance companies to stay and it's high time that insurance companies should take immediate action to carry out safe and secure businesses.

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