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Paradigm Technology's Finance 360 to Enable Seamless Financial Reporting

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, September 14, 2020

Paradigm Technology’s new solution helps finance firms thrive on insights and automation, allowing a 360-degree view of financial data.

FREMONT, CA: Paradigm Technology announces the launch of a new solution offering, Finance 360, digitizing the finance office across all sectors. Paradigm Technology identifies that its clients’ internal finance firm thrive on insights and automation, allowing a complete view of financial data using actionable insights through highly automated processes and real-time visualizations.

Monetizing business data and getting financial results visibility outside of the close cycle are common goals for financial leaders, yet difficult to gain without efficient and automated processes fuelled by reliable information. Paradigm Technology’s solution drives trusted data, automation, and actionable visualizations into the hands of financial leaders and allows them to be proactive rather than reactive. 

The latest Finance 360 solution offers reliable, fast, and accurate information to enable business decisions, real-time actionable information without location constraints, answers to financial questions with only a few click-throughs via intuitive visualization, and role-based secure access.

Today’s CFO is required to consolidate, analyze, and present financial and non-financial data from multiple systems, locations, and platforms more than ever before.  Doing this efficiently requires back-office technology that homogenizes and offers intelligence-based analysis and dashboarding ability. These tools allow firms to quickly move beyond the efforts needed to confirm data completeness and accuracy, such that they can spend more time developing a deeper understanding of present business drivers.

Paradigm Technology is an end-to-end professional services organization and pioneer in digital and business transformation, having worked over 25 years with several companies. The company partners with clients to understand and remediate business problems through innovative, value-driven solutions and strategies. Its team harnesses years of experience and advanced technologies to deliver intelligent insights to answer the hard questions to grow revenues, reduce costs, and eliminate risks.

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