Overcoming Top Business Marketing Challenges

Overcoming Top Business Marketing Challenges

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

To take a start-up to its glory is still a daunting territory, and the organization's first marketing campaign will be far from perfect. But following a certain strategy will establish enough of a footing for any rising enterprise to get the required momentum.

FREMONT, CA: Marketing is one of the most critical concerns for long-term business development, but many new businesses and start-ups struggle with it. Some have difficulty commencing a strategy or making it prosperous, while others decide to keep away from marketing altogether, which ultimately hurts their potential to do well.

The Key Challenges of Marketing:

Inexperienced business owners and start-ups usually pinpoint some combination of these obstacles listed below:

• Resource Allocation: No marketing operation can succeed unless it is operated by a formal strategy and implemented by experienced professionals.

• Costs: Advertising and marketing can also be expensive, especially if an organization is trying to compete with dominant competitors.

• Historical Data: The top-notch marketing campaigns are based on evidence from objective data and customer preferences.

• Changing Landscapes: Few start-ups firmly stick to their initial business plans. Instead, they adapt to the influx of information and experience.

Tips for New CEOs:

New CEOs can take care of these weaknesses with a few important strategies:

• Commencement of Flexible Ideas: The best marketing strategy for a new start-up is an adaptable one. That is why SEO for start-ups is such an effective strategy as it provides a framework that can optimize for almost any goal.

• Concentration on ROI:  Instead of purely basing a decision on the costs of a given strategy, an organization can look at the return on investment (ROI). Even a high-cost approach is worth pursuing if it still generates more revenue than it costs to operate.

• Agencies and Consultants: The solution for many start-ups to tackle the expenses of hiring an in-house team is to rely on experienced consultants and formal marketing agencies.

• Experimentation: As there is a scarcity of data based on a start-up's initial marketing decisions, the only outcome for the company is to experiment. In addition, the organization will also have an objective to build its future marketing expectations.

• Use of Multiple Channels: Use of multiple channels, like content marketing, social media, SEO, and paid advertising, is the key to achieve functionality.





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