Objectif Lune UK Unveils TSB Mail Automation to Enhance Postal...

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Objectif Lune UK Unveils TSB Mail Automation to Enhance Postal Experience for Customers

CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Colin Casey, Chief Product Officer

The TSB Mail Automation will allow customers to avail discounts, reducing mail costs, and achieve better job turnaround.

FREMONT, CA: Objectif Lune (OL) recently launched TSB Mail Automation to facilitate mail automation and enhance data quality. The new solution was developed to aid organizations in regaining control of their database and system information, while at the same time, reducing bad data which can lead to print and mail waste.

OL is a leading independent software provider specializing in business communication automation. Its offerings include document design and composition, business process automation (BPA), multi-channel output management, and capture/e-forms. The solutions are designed to provide personalized, relevant, and consistent customer experience, which is crucial for businesses in this digital age.

TSB Mail Automation is designed to streamline the operations involved in data processing and mail preparation, allowing organizations to achieve quick job turnaround, higher accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Its integration with OL Connect can enable organizations to automate their processes with conditioned mailing batches. It will significantly enhance the customer experience through MailmarkTM discounts and individual mail tracking.

OL partnered with the Software Bureau to develop the new product, utilizing its postal sorting, data processing, and cleansing technology capabilities. It will enable TSB Mail Automation users to automate processes such as verification of address data and sorting and insertion of mail. It will allow organizations to focus on meaningful customer interactions.

The Software Bureau has extensive expertise in the industry, especially in postal automation. Its collaboration will enable OL to augments its capabilities and deliver end-to-end automation to its customers. SwiftSort, the automation-ready postal sortation software by the Software Bureau, is supported by major mail carriers. It can aid organizations to handle a high volume of direct mail by automating the processes involved in the mailing.

Customers can apply Royal Mail’s MailmarkTM barcode technology to mail to avail discounts. It also enables the addition of important delivery information regarding the sender and recipient, including mail tracking and reporting. The technology offers an intuitive user interface for job preparation and processing. Once the repetitive jobs are set up in the system, they will run automatically. It not only allows customers to garner higher postage savings but also to reduce additional mail costs.

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