Nextworld And Fastclose Collaborate To Deliver Real-Time Financial...

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Nextworld And Fastclose Collaborate To Deliver Real-Time Financial Reporting

CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 06, 2022

FastClose bridges the gap between complex and expensive business intelligence tools and uncontrolled spreadsheets.

Fremont, CA: "Nextworld is a modern, pure cloud ERP company built by experienced ERP veterans. Built on a no-code platform, the Nextworld ERP is introducing unprecedented agility to its customers, enabling them to make major customizations to the base code and still be able to take upgrades without the hassle of refactoring those customizations. Nextworld is positioned to be the flexible, Tier One ERP of the future and we are excited to be a part of that story," says Nick Gomersall, CEO of FastClose. 

Nextworld is the only firm that provides a contemporary ERP built on a no-code enterprise platform. Nextworld delivers the agility, speed, and intelligence needed to modernize business processes and maximize the value of your application investment - from the edge to the heart of business operations. Businesses may use Nextworld to focus resources on creative ideas that advance their purpose today and in the future.

FastClose has formed a strategic alliance with Nextworld®. FastClose Ltd is a specialist reporting firm based in Europe and North America that provides management reporting and Accounting Intelligence using a technology that integrates with Nextworld's ERP platform. FastClose provides unparalleled data access.

"The integration with FastClose will be a tremendous value-add for Nextworld customers, enabling them to shorten close cycles and make quicker, more informed decisions," adds Chris Walsh, Senior Director of Product Management for Nextworld. "We have had a close working relationship with the FastClose team during the development of their solution for Nextworld. They are a perfect culture fit and it has been a pleasure to work with this group."

Nextworld CEO Kylee McVaney comments, "I am thrilled to be partnering with FastClose in a common goal of delighting customers and enabling them to focus on their mission by abstracting technological complexities."

Accounts departments will be utilizing the solution in a matter of hours, resulting in a quick return on investment. FastClose bridges the gap between complex and expensive business intelligence tools and uncontrolled spreadsheets.

FastClose, as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), will enhance Nextworld's reporting capabilities by allowing clients to see real-time financial data across several dimensions. In addition, the connection will improve recurring financial operations for Nextworld clients.

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