New Alliance Amidst Agreement Express and F1 Payments

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New Alliance Amidst Agreement Express and F1 Payments

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, September 16, 2019

Dave O'Brien, CEO

Agreement Express Empowers F1 Payments to Digitally Underwrite and Onboard Merchants in a hassle-free, quick and secure method.

FREMONT, CA: The one-of-a-kind platform from Agreement Express that helps the top-performing enterprises to collect, use, and re-use the client data announced its newest customer as F1 payments.

Agreement Express, a client onboarding software platform for fintech services, announces F1 Payments as its newest customer. Being a financial services company focused on increasing business velocity for all constituents in the payments ecosystem, F1 makes payments frictionless from start-to-finish. It provides a highly personal and consultative approach while building trusted relationships with critical players in the industry. F1 Payments will utilize the Agreement Express platform to streamline merchant underwriting and onboarding.

"Our focus is to continue to enhance the Agreement Express solution in ways that are most meaningful for our clients—partnering with them to drive success for their organizations through the use of sophisticated, relevant and intuitive technology," elucidates Dave O’Brien, CEO of Agreement Express.

The Mechanics of the relationship between Agreement Express and F1 payments will drive exceptional customer experience (CX) enriching growth from the bottom line. F1 payments utilize the robust capabilities offered by the strategy of Agreement Express. Wherein, the platform is also included to reduce friction among clients, partners across the payments in the value chain and to simultaneously deliver a game-changing CX. Agreement Express has customized strategy designed accordingly to the client, and is placed among the Top 10 Finance Technology Solution Providers – 2019 by the CFO Tech Outlook magazine.

Some features of the platform are:

• Quick and Accurate Risk Assessment: The Agreement Express proprietary risk scorecards are employed by F1 to underwrite merchants in very less time automatically.

• Ease In The Onboarding Of New Merchants: The Payments portal can provide the merchants with a smooth, hassle-free, paper-less onboarding experience by extracting the capacities of the Agreement Express’s end-to-end digital onboarding features.

• Integrations And Transactions Made Secure And Reliable: F1 depends on the enterprise-level APIs and integrations by Agreement Express to establish a secure connection to acquirers and proprietary systems.

“We’re proud to call F1 Payments our customer,” says Brandon Yttri, Senior Account Executive at Agreement Express. “The team at F1 is deeply committed to acting as “one” with their partners and clients — offering services and resources that are relevant to the growth of their businesses. It was evident from our first conversations that F1 was hyper-focused on providing partners and customers a seamless, secure, and efficient experience during the underwriting and onboarding processes. Their customer-centric approach to the partnership was a catalyst for investment in the Agreement Express platform — a concrete demonstration of their dedication to providing relevant and innovative resources that fuel growth for clients and partners.”

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