New Additions to Manage Your Expenses!

New Additions to Manage Your Expenses!

By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Some new features and advancements are budding in today’s world to arm people and businesses with complete transparency and actionable data. The platform of Basware delivers best-in-class purchase-to-pay solutions so that companies can maximize efficiency and get involved in smart-spending.

FREMONT, CA: Basware is a forerunner in networked source-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing, and innovative financing services, and it recently announced the release of its Purchase Manager solution. The outcome of global development team partnership, release 19.6 that includes various enhancements and latest features. It keeps the tradition of product enhancement and innovation going.

The latest release of Purchase Manager helps Basware is to stand on the promise of an integrated Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution. The launch makes the most exceptional procurement technology available, which is combined with one of the best invoice automation. Meanwhile, it maintains a record-breaking industry uptime of 99.997 percent or downtime of fewer than 20 minutes annually.

A few enhancements and features of the upcoming 19.6 release by Basware include:

• A single point of access or sign-on for every application called Basware Access

• The ability to add more competence to organizations that require suppliers to upload and maintain catalogs and pricing with the help of supplier self-service catalog management integration with Purchase Manager

• With the help of REST APIs, companies can document and carry data integration between Purchase Manager and the Basware Network

• Countless improvements can support parent, global organizations that require company level autonomy and arrangement with parent level control and transparency

• To improve the user experience and enhance data consistency, the platform automatically matches the receipts to the expense transactions

• Personalized email notifications to expense users

• Advanced Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) solution for the P2P suite, which provides improved document transfer scalability and safety for mingling with the client system.

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Basware keeps innovating and adding new features, in response to both customer requests and expectations of the marketplace needs.

Basware is known for its largest open business network in the world along with the networked purchase-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing, and innovative financing services. The technology of the company empowers organizations with 100 percent spend transparency. It enables capturing of every financial data across procurement, accounts payable, finance, and accounts receivable functions. It is an international company that holds business in more than 100 countries and is also traded on the Helsinki exchange.

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