More4Apps Forays into Designing Tools for Cloud-based ERP systems

By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Bruce Doig, Founder and Head of Innovation, More4Apps

Data processing and storage is an issue for modern ERP systems. Enterprises always look for an efficient option to process and store their data securely. Cloud services have gained momentum in recent years for its excellent data security and processing features.

More4Apps, a New Zealand based software integration specialist, which has done a monumental job in providing Excel-based, user-friendly front-end tools for Oracle E-business Suite have confirmed that it will be designing tools for Cloud ERP. Bruce Doig, co-founder and Director of Product Development at More4Apps says, “We're overwhelmed by the number of customers asking for our solutions to be migrated to the new ERP system, and that’s driven our strategic commitment to develop Cloud-based data entry tools.” He further added that they already have a large team working closely with a well known U.S. fast-food restaurant chain to deliver several loaders integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud.

More4Apps has already made a mark in the tech industry for its user-friendly integrated tools for Oracle EBS.  In the year 2000, Brad Sayer along with a small group of consultants identified a recurring problem for users of Oracle E-Business Suite, which is one of the largest ERP systems in the world. As consultants working with Oracle Projects, the group agreed that the data upload and maintenance process was too tedious for end-users, who were often required to upload hundreds or thousands of records in Oracle EBS on a regular basis. While APIs and gateways existed to improve this process, no user-friendly forms or business processes were available for these. To address this data upload issue and accelerate the procedure of entering electronic data into the Oracle EBS, they formed the More4Apps group of companies and designed Excel-based, user-friendly front-end tools that they termed as Wizards, and which allow users to enter and update data in Oracle EBS at a higher speed and accuracy. “Our goal was to allow the end-users to upload data into Oracle and take the load off the IT teams to perform the data entry or correct resulting exceptions, all of which is possible with our Wizards. Moreover, by using the Wizards, users can also update and maintain existing data through the same supported gateways,” explains Brad, co-founder and support and design manager of More4Apps.

"We're overwhelmed by the number of customers asking for our solutions to be migrated to the new ERP system, and that’s driven our strategic commitment to develop Cloud-based data entry tools."

More4Apps allows its clients to download zip files of Wizards directly from their website, thereby making it relatively easy for them to install the Wizards and start trialling them on their EBS instances without engaging the IT team as no consulting is required to get these intuitive tools up and running. For its services in providing integrating tools for Oracle EBS the company also featured in our magazine CFO Tech Outlook as, “Top 10 Accounts Receivable Solution Providers-2018.”

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With the immaculate knowledge of the existing EBS and as a Gold partner with Oracle, More4Apps is well placed to foray into designing new integrating tools for the cloud platform. The company also has a close working relationship with customers, and they are collaborating with them to develop data loaders for the new SaaS platform. Talking about the customers, Doig says, “When we canvassed our customers in 2018, we discovered an incredibly high level of loyalty and support for what we do. Some individuals told us they wouldn’t want to do their job without us, and many expressed their gratitude for powerful tools that make a significant impact on those tasked with data entry, business process management, and back-office efficiency.” 

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