Mood for a Vacation? Do Not Worry About The T&E!

Mood for a Vacation? Do Not Worry About The T&E!

By CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Suplari platform has delighted customers looking for modern and fluid user experience, advanced analytics, and AI-assisted insights algorithms that can track budgets, consolidate vendors, aggregate demand, negotiate contracts and manage supplier performance.

FREMONT, CA: The first AI-driven enterprise financial insights system, Suplari recently launched the newest set of Insights Applications to help finance, procurement, and line of business to handle as well as optimize their Travel & Expenses (T&E) programs. The probable companies can now monitor T&E spends, decrease costs, and enhance employee compliance.

Insights Applications play a significant and out-of-the-box role in the Suplari system as they are always-on, and the AI-powered applications automatically monitor enterprise data and detect opportunities for optimization. The latest version in the T&E Insights Pack is programmed to spot situations of excessive or suspect expenses, non-compliance to preferred suppliers, out of policy purchases, rogue employees, and other scenarios. The system also provides the ability to connect T&E data with different data sets such as accounts payable, contracts, and bookings from the travel agencies.

“We implement these T&E Insights, configuring each one to the customer’s policies, parameters, and thresholds. We are also working with customers to create Custom Insights Applications. For example, one customer needed better visibility and monitoring of their Uber for Business spend. We’ve built Custom Insights to help them detect out-of-policy rides, distances, tips, travel times – all to help them reduce costs and enforce ground transportation policies,” said Brian White, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Suplari.

Suplari solves the managerial concerns and fraud or non-compliance that uses the power of AI algorithms and effortlessly tracks and alerts the T&E issues. It runs Insights Applications to monitor spend data steadily and detect possible savings, risks, and non-compliant activities beyond company policies and parameters.

The Insights Application algorithms help to detect airline demand aggregation by revealing opportunities to select and enforce favored suppliers. They keep away the suspicious mileage expenses and per diem meals violations along with excessive hotel expenses or airline charges. They also help in lowering the ground transportation, extreme rides, and weekend riders with limos, taxis, or rideshares.

Suplari provides an AI-driven Enterprise Insights System, crucial to finance and procurement, and several customers have established opportunities to reduce T&E costs. People from vast Fortune 500 to average-size enterprises have utilized the platform to get up and run toward capturing cost savings from connecting their fragmented ones.

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