Key Benefits of Using Integrated Risk and Compliance Platform

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Key Benefits of Using Integrated Risk and Compliance Platform

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Saturday, February 13, 2021

Integrating risk and compliance can bring the costs of risk and compliance down for enterprises.

FREMONT, CA: Risk and compliance management are connected. Banks and financial institutions' regulations must abide by are tailored to reduce the myriad risks that are borne from financial operations. However, most banks struggle to integrate risk and compliance work in real-time. Using an integrated platform that concurrently helps risk and compliance management and automatically integrates the data and reports from both can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of both risk and compliance teams. Some of the significant advantages businesses get by combining are given below.

• Real-Time Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are retrospective. Financial institutions look at the compliance reports and data and use this data to evaluate the bank's risk exposure. The issue is that there is a delay in the actual compliance hurdles occurring and them being factored into the risk evaluation reports. The compliance department must first produce its reports, and then the risk department requires time to integrate the information. When risk and compliance are combined into one collaborative system, banks get access to timely compliance data, allowing real-time risk assessments.

• Increased Compliance Ownership

A manager cannot enforce compliance across the enterprise. Compliance teams realize why it is essential to comply with all the rules and regulations and realize the reasons behind the compliance, but other employees may not. Integrated risk and compliance solutions navigate risks to compliance challenges, creating a direct correlation between compliance items. Everyone can see why they require ensuring compliance.

• In-Depth Insights

The major advantage for executives is that combining risk and compliance allows in-depth analytics and insights. It is possible to gain insights without an integrated risk and compliance platform, but the practice rapidly becomes unsustainable. Getting these insights means that after the risk and compliance teams are done with their reports, they will have to rework both departments' reports to be compatible and will then have to run analytics on them. Most risk and compliance teams are burdened with vital business processes. Integrated risk and compliance platforms store compliance data in a standard manner. These solutions are automatically run analytics on the reports and data.

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