Key Aspects in Managing Business Travel, Expense and Invoice Budgets

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Key Aspects in Managing Business Travel, Expense and Invoice Budgets

CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 23, 2019

In any business sector, uninterrupted cash flow is the key to growth.  Effective spend management is responsible for profitability and revenue growth of businesses, but factors like incomplete, inaccurate or late data hinder the adequate usage of time and resources of a company.

The rise in cloud usage has removed the barrier in entry and adoption of data, by paving the way to the latest cost-effective applications even for small businesses to deploy and position themselves towards growth.  By using the latest applications to manage budgets in real-time can optimize cash flow, identify saving ideas, and advise decisions. The expansion has given employees more and easier ways to use the company’s resources. Employees are using new tools like payment and travel apps, on-demand services for office supplies or business expenses, in addition to traditional methods like personal checks and credit cards to pay vendor invoices, travel booking or for additional expenses. All the data from minor details to the major trends and transactions, the ability to observe across reports, expenses, and invoices is time-consuming and critical to managing.

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Organizing the Data:

The Data should be organized in an accessible, accurate and comprehensive way. Technology that can automatically aggregate data and provide solutions with better insights should be deployed. So that budget managers can quickly understand where the budget is spent and whether any changes are needed.


Organizations using automated standard business processes such as travel, expense and invoice management can save employees time, provide real-time visibility and also eliminate the probability of data entry errors. Machine learning technologies can analyze mobile receipts to automatically fill up the data fields on an expense report and suggest personalized travel recommendations. AI can also prevent fraud, by cross-checking data from receipts, credit cards transactions and bookings.

Leverage API tools:

Tools that allow data to be accessible across a business can help uncover savings and improve performance. Ensure the technology solution can extend to third-party solutions applications to simplify data transferring.

Customized budget alerts:

Using technology employees can keep track of budget overspending by creating alerts whenever a spending limit is reached. This will be helpful to better keep track of expense based on preplanned limits and reallocate extra cash toward new opportunities in a timely manner.

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