IPC and Red Box Join Hands to Offer Compliant Voice Capture Solutions

IPC and Red Box Join Hands to Offer Compliant Voice Capture Solutions

By CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 26, 2020

Richard Stevenson, CEO

The partnership of IPC and Red Box is leveraging IPC's Unigy platform by providing compliant voice capture solutions to financial market participants.

FREMONT, CA: One of the best global providers of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community, IPC is collaborating with Red Box, a dedicated voice capture specialist, to further service the global financial markets' needs around secure voice recording and compliance.

IPC and Redbox have joined hands to embrace an open ecosystem approach to ensure the benefit of the customers. They will provide customers with secure access to an extremely valuable and strategic data set.

There is an increasing demand for secure access to and sovereignty over high-quality audio data sets to fuel compliance AI platforms, so all the financial services institutions looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market place. This advanced process drives outcomes such as enhanced customer experience, proactive risk management, and automated fraud detection and surveillance.

“The Red Box approach is underpinned by our open philosopy and we’re delighted to form a strategic partnership with IPC as a leader in the financial services and compliance space,“  commented Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box. “Our organizations have a long-standing relationship, with the Unigy platform integration announced by Red Box last year, and we’re excited to join forces with IPC to ensure customers are provided with AI-ready voice data sets from across their organization to fuel post-call and real-time analysis within their applications of choice, to deliver actionable insights.”

Redbox is capturing and transcribing voice communications from over fifty-five systems (legacy and new), across global enterprises and SMEs with a connected and open platform. Red Box connects its customers to the broadest partner ecosystem to maximize the value of captured voice data. The company is trusted by many institutions across the financial, contact center, government, and public safety sectors. They are dealing with more than three thousand customers across the globe.

IPC helps clients anticipate change and solve issues, setting the standard with industry expertise, comprehensive technology, and exceptional service. IPC brings together one of the largest and most diverse global financial ecosystems spanning all asset classes and market participants.

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