Innovative Tax Preparation Service through Virtual Meetings

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Innovative Tax Preparation Service through Virtual Meetings

CFO Tech Outlook | Sunday, April 03, 2022

In times of the pandemic, Taxoom is extending its individualized approach to a safe, convenient, and robust tax service through the magic of video conferencing.

FREMONT, CA: The global pandemic is causing several changes, and how people get help in preparing and filing their taxes is now different. Taxoom is an innovative tax preparation service that leverages virtual meetings to offer the "in-office" experience of consulting with highly experienced tax professionals to prepare and file taxes – all from the comfort, security, and convenience of the taxpayers' own homes.

 Most individuals, couples, and small enterprises do not want to "go it alone" but are concerned about the complexity of web-based do-it-yourself tax preparation software or frustrated with impersonal assembly-line tax preparation offerings staffed by relatively inexperienced seasonal preparers. The company matches every client with a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or other experienced tax professional. Taxoom is developed to achieve a better-than-expected experience than other online services, all from the comfort and security of the clients' own homes or offices.

Taxoom works with clients to prepare and electronically file federal and state income tax returns, comprising a built-in audit assistance program and an optional session with a tax professional to discuss income tax-reducing strategies for the upcoming year. The Taxoom model enables the services' price about the same as other providers, all with a higher level of experience and professionalism.

 Taxoom is a subsidiary of Philadelphia-based Phoenix Tax Consultants, which for more than 20 years has offered highly personalized tax service to families, individuals, and small organizations.

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