Innovating Wealth Management with Digitalization

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Innovating Wealth Management with Digitalization

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, January 24, 2020


Innovations to speed up the transition of traditional wealth management towards the digital globe while allowing a new and more sophisticated business model to evolve.

FREMONT, CA: Wealth management has reached a point where a change has become quintessential. Innovations typically lead from a deliberate, purposeful quest for possibilities for innovation that can only be discovered in a few circumstances, such as modifications in the composition of the sector, demographics or industry perception, financial incongruities. You can find all of these in the wealth management sector today. A growing number of FinTechs engaged in wealth management are disrupting traditional sector structures, generating population shift; and the worldwide legislative agenda has caused asset restructuring, adversely influencing opportunities for cross-border wealth management.

Most innovations, however, are a reaction to current company problems and far fewer opportunities are exploited to generate value freshly. Wealth managers primarily digitize their traditional business model to decrease their cost base, and FinTechs either offers digital alternatives to assist wealth managers or offers digital offers to compete with digitally-aware personal customers. Therefore, wealth managers' developmental initiatives are primarily worried about industrialization initiatives, and FinTechs' attempts with disturbance: neither are focused on innovation to accept a shift in the business model of Wealth Management.

As per a new report from Forbes Insights and Temenos, nearly seven out of 10 wealth managers think that a virtual platform is crucial to enhance the services they give customers, up from 2016 when only a quarter of wealth managers reacted the same way.  But the technology preferences of customers should be balanced with enough knowledge and knowledge of the requirements of customers.

Wealthy people are prepared to pay a steep premium for knowledgeable and likeable people, and they're not going to walk away from that just because of technology. Wealth managers understand how essential it is to attract wealthy mass customers as the mass wealth segment is very crucial in their practice, and wealth managers think that use of technology will be the best instrument.

Digitalization can also enable a higher degree of customization, and an overwhelming majority of wealth managers have reported being able to segment customers to enhance the personalization.  Customer-specific technology should promote more active portfolio management, unlock fresh perspectives through predictive analytics, and uncover possibilities that might occur in alternative investments.

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