Improving the Process of Buying and Selling a Home

Improving the Process of Buying and Selling a Home

By CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

With household purchasing requirements as well as real estate legislation evolving, increasing numbers of people turn to inspectors whenever immobilization is transacted. In fact, 95 per cent of domestic sales today comprise the home inspector services. These services enhance consumer trust and increase home sales success rate. Home buyers now know that inspecting a house will improve the chances of taking the right decision when purchasing a new house. HouseCheck is a leading firm in this field that provides best-in-class services in the house inspection sector.

HouseCheck has a unique mission to revolutionize the domestic inspection sector for home buyers and home sellers alike. The foundation of the mission was from a talk in the living room between 2 friends–the experienced entrepreneur Dennis Conforto and home inspector Perry Campbell. Conforto took on the essential services industry from this discussion, in which too many practitioners ran for too little income. This was National HouseCheck’s birth.

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As Conforto learned about the domestic inspection industry, he became more excited about the potential that would make it more revolutionizing for everyone involved–particularly home buyers, home sellers, immovable professionals, and professional house inspectors. Thus, Conforto built a team of professionals with whom he could build and launch a new national brand that would revolutionize the home inspectorate sector, HouseCheck, to benefit from years of experience in home inspection.

National HouseCheck Corporation based in Boise has announced that it will acquire the based in Washington D.C. Drawing on detailed, consolidated home reports of general information and history for the real estate industry and consumers. HouseFax has established a national information platform that offers insights into nearly 110 million homes throughout the United States. is the first domestic property database to provide comfortable and consolidated home history reports, including fire, building licenses, floods, earthquake, sinkhole, and other information for the public and private sector. Property history reports provide critical due diligence tools in the current uncertain housing, finance, and insurance markets where domestic buyers are required to take better decisions.

The acquisition combines comprehensive inspections, warranties, and technology from HouseCheck with the details contained in the HouseFax reports and provides consumers with the finest information about the history of a house and true status before they buy and sell. HouseFax reports have gone deeper into a house’s history to identify items that cannot be seen in a comprehensive visual examination such as building permits, damages, or repairs.

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