Improved Buyer Experience with Square's In-App Payment Processing

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Improved Buyer Experience with Square's In-App Payment Processing

CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

In a technology-driven world, it is important for any retail business to be at the forefront. Providing the utmost convenience to customers as they shop and enhancing their experience is critical to the continued success of any merchant. Many retailers today offer their customers the convenience of using a mobile app that can help them shop, build a catalog, and also support many payment capabilities.

Today, through their mobile apps, merchants allow customers to make in-store purchases. In many cases, customers can utilize their mobile apps to pay on the app itself for the merchandise, totally skipping the wait in the checkout line. In other scenarios, customers can use payment credentials already stored on their mobile app to pay for the goods at the full service or checkout station for self-service.

Payments in-app come with many benefits. The development of in-app mobile payment technology modifies the way consumers perform mobile transactions. Therefore, the functionality has the potential to carry out a substantial part of these transactions.

The company Square Inc. is specialized in financial services, particularly when it comes to mobile payments and point-of-sale systems. Their technology is continuously evolving, providing businesses with new and innovative solutions.

Managing payments, however, is not the only offering of Square. The company also has a whole website dedicated to sharing open source projects that can be used in their apps by developers. Square also produces a variety of Application Programming Interface (APIs) and SDKs to help developers integrate their apps and services with Square’s payment and hardware management.

Recently, the company announced its new SDK for mobile payments. The kit enables developers to integrate Square’s capabilities without any additional hardware right into their app. Square is responsible for the process of payment, including the addition and storage of payment methods and even the implementation of its own UI. That UI can also be customized to match the look of an app. The SDK runs on iOS, Android, and even Flutter.

The simplicity of Square’s SDK is a significant advantage. Once set up, the in-app payment enables people to make purchases with just a few clicks: some devices require a password; others allow purchases with Touch ID or a fingerprint reader.

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