How Visual Marketing Can Help FinTech Start-Ups

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How Visual Marketing Can Help FinTech Start-Ups

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, March 11, 2022

The FinTech start-ups need visual marketing because it can help them to keep their clients engaged with the brand.

FREMONT, CA: A FinTech business is formed when technology fuses with financial services to offer unprecedented performance. The FinTech industry has exploded by no limits in a short number of years. There is expected there will be a rapid expansion of niches in an industry as advanced as FinTech. FinTech companies combine creative business models and technology to allow, improve, and disrupt financial services, according to the EY GFSI Journal.

This implies a product ready to fulfill any requirement of a consumer, no matter how small. It also means that there would be too many options for every customer and too little data to make an informed decision. If a client has a problem, they are likely to be on the hunt for a fast fix and certainly do not have time to search for and spend hours understanding the different FinTech products on offer. Therefore, the start-ups have to win a market full of consumers as it can offer a perfect balance of push and pull tactics.

Although concentrating all the resources on the core business may seem justified, here are a few reasons why the FinTech business would succeed by entirely devoting an ounce of those resources to visual marketing.

1. Quick, Crisp Information Dissemination

The companies must remember that an individual wishes to know more about a concept. If people have two choices, like a two-minute video that tells the all in a simpler way or a twelve-page report, it will possibly take hours to fully comprehend. People will choose the first one.

Time is money for every individual. And the less time potential clients spend knowing the proposal, the more cash the company will receive. Visuals can process 600,000 times faster than text, and when it comes to attracting clients, less is obviously better.

2. Make A Lasting Impression

Humans are visual creatures, and as compared to every other stimuli, they can recall 80 percent of the things they see. Using the visual marketing strategy means that the brand enters the target audience's visual memory and remains there. Visual marketing, in its unique way, is known to improve brand recall and retention.

For a start-up in FinTech, it is not just about attracting clients, and it is also about keeping them engaged. That is where the role of brand recollection and identity plays an important part. Visual marketing plays on human characteristics and patterns, which is why it interacts and is so successful.

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