How To Save Money On Car Rentals From Credit Cards?

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How To Save Money On Car Rentals From Credit Cards?

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, December 06, 2019

Nowadays booking a rental car by using credit card will bring several advantages for you, so wisely choose your credit cards because different cards have different perks.

FREMONT, CA: Using credit cards to book a rental car is the best option because it can save money and also offer other benefits. Some of the credit cards provide rental car insurance, which can significantly reduce the cost of the rental. Some allow you to redeem your rewards with a rental booking or offer access to premium rental car benefits, including discounts and upgrades.

What Car Rental Benefits Do Credit Cards Offer?

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Here are some benefits you could get while renting a car:

Rental car insurance: Several credit cards provide rental car insurance to give peace of mind to the consumers while traveling. To utilize this advantage, you typically need to use your card to pay for the rental in full and decline the coverage the car rental company offers. Some credit cards also offer secondary insurance to customers. Before filing a claim with secondary rental car insurance, you'll need to do so first with your personal auto insurance company, and your credit card's coverage will make up the remainder.

Rewards redemption: If any person has a general travel credit card, they can use the points or miles to pay for some or all of your rental car booking. There are one or two options available for the person depending on their card, first is to book a rental car through the rewards program platform and the second is to use the card to book directly with the car rental company.

What's the Best Credit Card for Car Rentals?

There's no single best credit card out there for everyone, and while some credit cards provide better options than others, it's essential to compare each card in its entirety instead of zeroing in on one feature. Here are some things to think about as you search for a credit card for car rentals.

Coverage type: Before taking a credit card, people should check whether it offers primary or secondary insurance.

Annual fee: A credit card that offers discounts and upgrades charge steep annual fees. If people frequently rent cars and stand to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year, they might be able to justify paying a yearly fee of a few hundred dollars.

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