How to Make Your Cash Flow Positive?

How to Make Your Cash Flow Positive?

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Debra Robinson, President

It is always good to have experts in finance who is trust worthy and can help the owner of a company to run it smoothly. These experts and their team will have the power to plan, model, and forecast the cash flow of the company to generate revenue.

FREMONT, CA: When there is a lack of well-defined financial strategy, the motivation, enthusiasm, and energy necessary to manage a business can wither away. Debra Robinson, the President of Centennial Revenue Management, says, “most business leaders ‘believe’ they are on top of their cash flow management, and by the time they realize the gaps in their planning, the damage is often already done.”

Debra further mentions, “For good cash flow, the owner needs to look [at least] 90 days into the future to know what their cash flow requirements are likely to be.” Debra, as an expert, can quickly assess the financial condition of a company spends her time with the CEOs and their team about the art of modeling, forecasting, and also crafting smooth cash flow strategies.

When a company is formulating their cash flow, they might fail to realize that their strategies are not working or is unable to generate proper revenue. Cash flow storms may take many months to form, and also it needs an appropriate plan that will not lead to the cash crisis. To save the companies from cash crisis, the first step that the team of Centennial Revenue Management takes is by getting into the depth of their clients’ accounting books. Accounting system of the client helps to develop robust strategies that can offset the debt, limit liability, and also boost the profit margin without any disturbance in the cash flow.

The strategies that are followed generally involves leveraging the trend of the last four months, combining the balance sheet, P&L statements, and considering the future for at least eight months. The insight of the accounting books gives the CEOs of a company a proper view of their financial status, and also a secure system of operating it. Centennial Revenue Management is considered among the Top 10 Management Revenue Consulting/Services Company- 2019 By CFO Tech Outlook.

According to Debra, “optimizing cash flow is to know what Cash on Hand Balance you should have every month.”

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