How Fintech Innovates Trading

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How Fintech Innovates Trading

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, September 18, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Fintech is influencing a number of financial verticals, including trading. With the advancements in fintech, the field of trading has opened up to the masses apart from the veteran traders. In fact, one of the biggest achievements of fintech is the expansion of financial services among the common people. For instance, increasingly, people are getting involved in online trading from the comforts of their homes.

In the past, trading activities such as forex or stocks were limited to experts. It was almost impossible for the masses to get into trading without decades of experience in investments or experience in the finance field. The lack of proper trading platforms meant that people couldn’t access live data about selling and buying stocks. However, the fintech revolution has changed this scenario as anyone can trade online by opening accounts on dedicated trading platforms.

Investments and trading are activities that require knowledge and in-depth financial as well as market understanding. Thus, best traders are the ones who understand their financial situation and know the various factors that influence asset prices. Before the fintech revolution, traders had to cover a long journey of trial and error. However, modern traders can take advantage of robo-advisors, which can identify a trader’s financial goals and offer automated trading advice almost instantaneously.

The world of cryptocurrencies has also matured to a vast extent. Crypto enthusiasts can use their assets for trading purposes as well. Brokers have gradually started allowing users to trade with crypto as an alternative to conventional trading. Traders can also choose to fund their accounts with bitcoin.

Thus, fintech has significantly enhanced the spectrum of trading and investment. People can not only execute trades but also utilize the services of advanced robotic trading platforms for improved decision-making capabilities.

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