How Can the Government Benefit from AI-driven Technologies?

How Can the Government Benefit from AI-driven Technologies?

By CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Governments at all levels have many responsibilities towards their people and while staying tech savvy is not necessarily one of them, serving the population in the best possible way, whether for state or federal authorities, is one of their primary responsibilities. Artificial intelligence tools have already shown the ability to make private enterprises more efficient, and there is a substantial reason to believe that these same benefits can be translated into public sector organizations.

AI applications in the public sector are widespread and growing, with early experiments worldwide. AI can be used by civil servants for making welfare payments and immigration decisions, plan new infrastructure projects, respond to citizen inquiries, adjudicate bail hearings, and sort health cases.

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The government has enormous quantities of data and from many sources, and an algorithm for machine learning can help find new connections between data that the government might not have expected. For example, IBM’s Watson recommends treatment, sometimes finding procedures that physicians may not have considered. The government can adopt this solution for improving the public health system. For example, determining who is eligible for unemployment benefits is an essential task with significant implications. Machine learning applications can speed up decisions, either by providing a clear answer or by indicating which cases a person needs to accept. Spain and France are training the existing government servants with AI tools and applications. Ones who are left, the younger member of the family are trained for the job. Furthermore, governments could choose to invest in the quality of their services. They can re-employ workers’ time for more gratifying work that requires lateral thinking, empathy, and creativity— all things in which people continue to exceed even the most sophisticated AI programme.

Artificial intelligence programs have the potential to provide government services faster and more tailored. The crucial decision that governments have to take how the time won by deploying the best technology can be given back to citizens. At a time when both industries and jobs are rapidly changing, citizens may find the opportunities in more extended conversations and engagement with the public servants.

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